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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-10 14:22:16
WWE will be taping Smackdown tonight in Ottawa, Ontario.  Edge will be at the taping to help promote the season premiere of "Haven."

Beth Phoenix, who is dating Edge, was backstage at Raw last night.

Several WWE stars, including Jerry Lawler, had luggage issues with their flight into Toronto yesterday.

Santino Marella's return was planned for some time for the Toronto Raw taping, to insure he received a massive pop from his home audience.

The Christian angle was done as a way to use him to get heat on the Triple H regime, since he still has a legitimate concussion and can not perform in the ring until he is cleared by WWE's medical staff.

Steven Fernandes reporting....As noted earlier, WWE announced a 12/30 return to Toronto for a Live Event at The Ricoh Center.

The WWE Mid-South DVD was officially released today.  Beyond the matches, those discussing memories of the era (some with new interviews, some from WWE archival footage from previous interviews) are Bill Watts, Jim Cornette, Ric Flair, Road Warrior Animal, Jim Ross, the late Buddy Rogers, Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase Sr., Shawn Michaels, the late Steve Williams, Paul Orndorff, Bob Armstrong, Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts, Terry Taylor, Jim Neidhart, Jim Cornette, Jim Crockett and Hacksaw Duggan.

Brady Games will be publishing a WWE 2K14 strategy guide this October, timed in conjunction with the release of the new game.

After his awesome work on Monday Night Raw last night, Goldust returns to the ring this Friday 9/13 for Real Warrior Entertainment in South Windsor, CT at Nomads Adventure Quest, facing Papadon. Antonio Thomas, Mike Bennett, Bob Evans, Veda Scott and even our own Les Thatcher will be appearing. For more, visit this link.

Terri Bey sent the following....WWE Hall of Famer Adam "Edge" Copeland and co-star Colin Ferguson did an interview at this link.

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