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By Chad Zelenovic on 2013-09-12 14:30:33

After a scary accident had sidelined Marcus "Buff" Bagwell back in April, leaving him with broken bones in his neck, face and jaw that required him to be supported by breathing and feeding tubes, he will have his first match is tomorrow Friday, September 13th, for the World Wrestling Zone in Chicago as he will defend the WWZ World Title against the young Serbian Submission Specialist, C-4.

This will be an outside event at Chicago's Portage Park - 4100 N. Long Ave, Chicago, IL with a bell time of 7pm.

Also, scheduled to appear - "The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of All-Time" -  THE HONKYTONK MAN.

Also The WWZ Tag-Team Championship will be defended as the Chicago veterans The TWIN TURBOS take on DEMOLITION!

Also, sexy WWZ Divas Crystal Carmichael & The Great Cheyenne, + Maliki, Chicago's Manson Brothers, + a Midget match!

Tickets can be purchased by calling 773-710-6262, or via PayPal:

Also, tickets can be purchased at the following locations: ROMA'S BEEF @ Cicero and MONTROSE, and AL'S PIZZA on LAWRENCE & CUMBERLAND!

*** SPECIAL THANKS TO FORMER WWE'S VICTORIA/TNA'S TARA and her delicious SQUARED CIRCLE RESTAURANT FOR ALL OF THEIR HELP! The event after party will be held at the Squared Circle!

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