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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-29 08:17:27
Kayfabe Commentaries issued the following:


Earlier today, it was announced that Jim Cornette and Kayfabe Commentaries have agreed to a production package that includes two new shoot-style productions, as well as an appearance at the Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ on October 5th

The iconic and opinionated Jim Cornette has made his most celebrated shoot-style programming appearances on Kayfabe Commentaries produced programs. His starring role in "Guest Booker", "YouShoot", and "Timeline: The History of WWE" were produced by the progressive production company and garnered widespread attention and critical acclaim. Cornette made Kayfabe Commentaries his exclusive home for shoot-style program appearances in the past five years. Cornette and the company parted ways after a disagreement with KC president Sean Oliver over other programs on the company's slate. Recent outcry and requests from wrestling fans prompted the two to begin discussions once again.

Jim Cornette said he is pleased to be moving forward with KC again. "I've enjoyed working with Kayfabe Commentaries in the past on several critically-acclaimed productions," Cornette began. "I'm pleased to announce that Sean Oliver and I, after a rough patch last year, have removed the wedge between us driven there by an unnamed third party, and I have signed on to shoot two more videos with KC this fall."

Sean Oliver said today that he never gave up on the relationship while the two weren't talking. "I knew there would be a return, and a celebrated one at that, once cooler heads prevailed," Oliver said. "Though if you examine Cornette's history, that faith was most optimistic. Jim will tell you, he doesn't burn bridges...he blows them up. However I felt the programming we created would take precedent. Cornette belongs with KC. From a programming sense, we're family, in a twisted The North and The South kinda way."

As for the specifics on the programs to be produced, Cornette didn't go into details. "They (the programs) are shaping up, in concept, to be the most interesting yet, and they'll be produced in conjunction with my appearance at the Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey on October 5th, which will be my second and last wrestling-related appearance of 2013."

Oliver said only that the full-length programs would be released in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Ticket information for the convention is available at the website Cornette is looking forward to greeting the northeast fans once again. "I invite everyone to come to the Legends dealers' room where my Cornette's Collectibles booth will be open all day," he said. "I will be signing my various books and merchandise, as well as talking with all the fans and telling old stories, many of which will have a grain of truth to them. Due to my revised and healthier diet, this will be the only 'KFC' that I will be visiting this year!"

Information about the programs will be forthcoming and will be available the Kayfabe Commentaries website,

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