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By Michael Morrison on 2013-07-14 09:33:40

It was a very good show, had a great time.  First time I ever saw ROH live, I will definitely do it again.

Tadarius Thomas beat Kyle O'Reilly.

MsChif won a four women match.

Silas Young beat Tommasso Ciampa after he used a hammer.  Nigel McGuinness came out and started the match back up and Ciampa won.

Adam Cole beat BJ Whitmer.

Mike Bennett destroyed someone I don't know.  Finally, Rhino came out and stopped him and they had a match, which Bennett won.

Rhino managed to gore Bennett afterward when he was talking to Maria.

Matt Taven beat Kevin Steen with help from Truth Martini.  That led Steen to challenge Truth, who he beat.

The American Wolves beat Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin in an awesome main event.

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