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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-02 10:40:17

WWE will be taping Smackdown tonight in Topeka, KS.  We are looking for reports from the show so if you are going, please drop me an email. 

Most of the Raw crew is leaving today for Japan, where WWE will run two shows in Tokyo starting tomorrow.  They will also run on Saturday in Taipei, Taiwan on Saturday.  They then get to fly back to Baltimore, MD for Monday's Raw.  That is one fun travel week.  Not.  Obviously, this will make the Smackdown roster a bit lighter tonight but CM Punk will be appearing.

On his Twitter account Bray Wyatt posted the following: "Time to remove the veil..... Forget everything you thought was real. Next week it begins."  I can't wait to see what WWE does with them when they debut.

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