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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-20 14:06:03

WWE has posted footage of John Cena getting off his stretcher at Extreme Rules and refusing medical attention on their website.  I wrote a column about how ridiculous the scenarios Cena is booked into have become.  There's no way to get sympathy on him if he's Superman.

Our friends at recently interviewed Mick Foley:

Ryan M. sent the following....Curt Hawkins was a topic of discussion on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani this past Monday. Well known one-armed mixed martial artist and former XFC Lightweight Champion, Nick Newell, was an in studio guest when Hawkins' name came up in conversation. Newell talked about Hawkins' talents, abilities, and a bit of their past together. Newell and Hawkins were roommates in college. You can watch the clip at this link.

Lanny Poffo will be signing 6/1 at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, NY.

George Steele will be signing his autobiography "Animal" on the following dates:

 6/8 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - East Colonial Drive. Orlando, FL.
6/15 1:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - East Merritt Island Causeway. Merritt Island, FL.
6/19 7:00 PM at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ.
6/20 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - US Highway 9. Freehold, NJ.
6/21 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Route 22 West. Springfield, NJ.
7/15 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Washtenaw Avenue. Ann Arbor, MI.
7/18 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - South Main Street. Royal Oak, MI.
7/19 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Woodland Mall. Grand Rapids, MI.
7/20 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - John R Road. Troy, MI.
7/25 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Colonie Centre. Albany, NY.
7/26 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Erie Blvd East. DeWitt, NY.

WWE will begin airing their most recent NWO DVD next month on PPV.

The Payback PPV is being released on DVD on 7/16.  2013 Money in the Bank PPV DVD will be released on 8/13.

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