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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-18 09:15:46
Lanny Poffo will be the emcee and master of ceremonies for the 2013 Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame this weekend in Amsterdam, NY with Sandor Szabo, Dick Shikat, Bill Watts, Baron Von Raschke, The Assassins {Jody Hamilton and Tom Renesto}, Tito Santana, Dick Murdoch, J.J. Dillon, El Santo and Joyce Grable being inducted. For complete details, visit

Terry Funk will be inducting Murdoch. Historian Scott Teal will be inducting Dillon.

Among those scheduled to take part in and appear at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremonies next week in Amsterdam, NY are JJ Dillon, Joyce Grable, Jody Hamilton, Baron Von Raschke, Tito Santana, Bill Watts, George Steele, The Destroyer Dick Beyer, Mae Young, Domenic Denucci, Buff Bagwell, Davey O'Hannon, Johnny Rodz, Funk, Paul Orndorff, Butcher Paul Vachon, Ray "Doink" Apollo, Wendi Richter, Jimmy Snuka, Steen, Eddie Edwards and more

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