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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-17 10:00:00
I was curious what the former WWE stars make when they work the independents?

It all depends on the talent. I know some that command $500-$1500 per appearance, plus they have their flights and sometimes their hotels taken care of as well. Then, when you add in money they keep and/or split with the promoter from autographs and photos, it can add up to a decent payday.

The downside is that unless you know you can trust the promoter in question, there is always the chance of getting shorted on pay, lied to, or simply locking up dates with someone that later cancels with little or no warning. So, it's a constant struggle.

But, there's no set rate. It all depends on what the promoter and the talent agree to. Usually, the more prominent the name is and how hot they are as a personality after leaving WWE will have a lot to do with the rate, but there's no mathematical equation involved.

Is Extreme Rising dead?

I reached out to Rising's Steve O'Neill, who stated the company is reorganizing and hopes to be running again ASAP.

Is there some wrestler on the indies that is not yet with WWE or TNA that you think should be?

There's a few. Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, Papadon, Samuray del Sol and Brian Milonas all come to mind off the top of my head. All have different styles and looks but would lend themselves well in the WWE presentation in my opinion.

Is RVD still with TNA?

He is not as he turned down a contract extension. He's set to wrestle his first-post TNA bout on 6/21 for FWE in New York City against Tommy Dreamer.

Who's your favorite Wild Samoan?

I was always partial to Afa myself.

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