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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-15 10:49:28
James Storm is undergoing an MRI today to determine the severity of his groin injury.

TNA is holding a press conference today in Las Vegas at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Central with Hulk Hogan, Jeremy Borash and Kenny King, who is local, appearing. TNA's Bob Ryder will also be there. TNA's website is promoting there will be coverage of the conference. TNA is holding Impact in Vegas on 6/29.

There are no house shows this weekend.

Set for tomorrow's Impact Wrestling:

*Contract signing between TNA champ Bully Ray and Sting.

*Jay Bradley vs Christian York in a Bound for Glory Series qualifying match.

*TNA Knockouts champ Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim.

*Hulk Hogan calling out Abyss.

*TNA X-Division champ Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams.

*TNA Tag Team champ Hernandez vs. Chris Daniels.

*Joseph Park vs. D-Lo Brown.

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