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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-26 08:15:00


SmackDown started off with Jack Swagger beating Alberto Del Rio cleanly by pinfall in a good No Holds Barred match.

Undertaker vs. one of The Shield (Dean Ambrose I think) is advertised for SmackDown tonight too.

Layla pinned Aksana to the sound of deafening indifference. I'm sure they'll add crowd effects to that by Friday!

Fandango pinned Justin Gabriel. Lots of Fandangoing in the crowd.

The Big Show beat Sheamus by KO, punching him off the top rope after Mark Henry distracted Sheamus. Loud "boring chants", and more Fandangoing!

Wade Barrett squashed William Regal. Shame, they could've had a good match if they had more than 2 minutes

Henry beat Orton by DQ after Sheamus ran down and Brogue Kicked him. After Henry costing Sheamus earlier everyone saw it coming, Orton laid Henry out with the RKO afterwards.

Undertaker beat Dean Ambrose by submission with the gogoplata in the main event. After the match Reigns and Rollins stormed the ring and beat down Taker. He tried to fight back with a chair but Reigns speared him through the barricade. Then they did a triple powerbomb through the table.

There were very long closing shots of The Shield standing tall and Taker destroyed. I assume that's the ending of the televised show, it felt like it.

A minute or so later, the Outlaws music hit and they came out. Then HHH. DX disposed of The Shield and Ambrose ate a Fameasser and a Pedigree.

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