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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-06 10:00:00
Any idea why Jeff Jarrett is AWOL from TNA, even their 10 year reunion taping?

I was told Jarrett chose to work on his backstage duties for the company.

Will there be a Divas title match at Wrestlemania?

No plans for that.

What is the rumored plan for Jericho after Mania?

Chris Jericho's current deal expires with Wrestlemania weekend, but he'll be staying around and working for the company when his schedule allows. Obviously, they need someone of his experience and work level to help the company groom new talent.

How come everyone else from the Nexus except Michael Tarver received a new WWE role?

WWE released Tarver. He's no longer with the company.

What's the strangest place you ever saw a wrestling show?

Well, there was the one time I watched wrestling at a truck stop on the New Jersey turnpike....and the time I watched a New Japan show in an abandoned warehouse that was undergoing construction in Manhattan...or the wrestling school that was located in the basement of a housing project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan....or the converted A&P JAPW used to run....take your pick!

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