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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-25 13:13:23
Mark Henry has a new reason to want to split some heads open. Over the weekend, Andrew Billings of Waco, Texas broke Henry's long-standing Texas State record for powerlifting and became the second High Schooler after Henry to lift over 2,000 lbs. For more, click this link. That is some damn impressive stuff.

On her Twitter account, Chyna confirmed she is now living in Japan and noted she recently had a conversation with Vince McMahon, teasing she could be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. As noted, the original plan was to headline this year's event with DX had Bruno Sammartino not come to terms with WWE.

Internally, it's expected that Lita will induct Trish Stratus at the Hall of Fame. Stevie Ray, Booker T's brother and long-time Harlem Heat tag team partner, will induct Booker. Maria Menounos will be inducting Bob Backlund.

WWE pretty much sold out of their pre-sale tickets for the 2013 Summerslam over the weekend. Between the recent sell outs on Raw, house shows and Wrestlemania weekend events, the company feels they are about to strike a really hot time period.

WWE will be taping Smackdown and Main Event tomorrow in Hershey, PA. If anyone will be attending the taping, we are seeking spoiler reports!

The new Mick Foley DVD will come with a free Mr. Socko.

Batista was interviewed for the new Triple H DVD backstage at this past Thursday's WWE NXT event. He lives in Tampa, so it wasn't a far drive.

Brodus Clay, Naomi and The Prime Time Players will appear on the 3/30 WWE NXT event in Miami.

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