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By Kris Zellner on 2013-03-22 07:30:57
EMLL held a press conference today at Arena Mexico where a lot of big announcements were made so in order they are:

Titan has suffered a knee injury and has had surgery forcing him to vacate the Mexican National Welterweight Title with no timetable given for a return.

Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero showed up and had a verbal confrontation ending up with both men agreeing to a mascara contra mascara match that will surely happen on the EMLL 80th Anniversario show in September. EMLL Director Juan Manuel Mar didn't set a date but it's pretty obvious to everyone.

The annual Torneo Gran Alternativa will take place from April 12th to April 26th with the youngsters being Hombre Bala Jr./Oro Jr./Sensei/Soberano/Stigma/Bobby Zavala/Camaleon/Disturbio/Espanto Jr./Herodes Jr./Taurus.

The annual Busca un Idolo series will take place from May 17th to June 12th with the participants being Delta/Fuego/Guerrero Maya Jr./Misterioso II/Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr./Valiente/Vangelis.

The main lineup for the 70th Anniversario show for Arena Coliseo that takes place on April 7th will be.

4/7 - Arena Coliseo (70th Anniversario)
1. ?
2. ??
3. Torneo Cibernetico - Participants: Dalis la Caribena/Estrellita/Goya Kong/Marcela/Silueta/Amapola/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugei/Tiffany/Zeuxis
4. Blue Panther/Shocker/Averno vs. Black Terry/Negro Navarro/Villano IV (BT & Navarro working here = *****)
5. Atlantis/Diamante Azul/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Ray Mendoza Jr. (not quite retired yet)/Universo Dos Mil

The last two matches are to represent a mixture of the past and present on the EMLL side against maestros of the past in general.

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