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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-27 11:55:13
CM Punk actually worked Raw pretty sick, according to a few sources. Punk worked the Middle Eastern tour with some sort of bug. So he basically flew across the world sick, worked three nights, flew back across the world and had a great 30 minute match on Raw. That's work ethic.

As we mentioned in the PWInsider Elite section, Dutch Mantel being added to Jack Swagger's character as Zeb Colter was done as a way to accentuate Swagger and help him get over and connect with the audiences. While Vince McMahon in the past has felt managers were something of an antiquated idea for the business, there's been talk off and on over the last year of bringing them back full-blown. Mantel and Jim Mitchell's names were mentioned prominently last year in creative discussions and the trigger was finally pulled for Mantel to help Swagger's push. There's a chance more names could be brought in, likely getting new personas, but nothing definitive.

Wade Barrett attended the Hollywood premiere of "Dead Man Down" last night.

The Royal Rumble 2013 DVD and Blu-Ray was officially released today. The only extra on the DVD is a John Cena promo. The Blu-Ray features a number of segments from the Raw and Smackdown episode leading up to that PPV.

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