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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-12 12:24:15

Here is this week's edition of the Raw Backstage Fallout:

The pre-sale code for the 4/16 Smackdown taping in Knoxville, TN is Alberto. Thanks to Greg for sending it along.

Rock wrote Jeff Jarrett via Twitter last night after Raw, writing, "JeffJarrettTNA Had to tell a few of our USWA stories tonight on #RAW my friend. From 40 bucks a night to @WWE Champ. #NashvilleDreams" Jarrett noted on Twitter that his phone and Twitter exploded right after the mention.

JBL is leaving right after next week's WWE TV tapings for Argentina to attempt to scale Mount Aconcagua.

Our friends at announced they will be releasing an exclusive "Hardcore Legend" Cactus Jack action figure.

As part of the latest renovations on Madison Square Garden, the venue has added a photo timeline in the hallways leading into the Arena. WWE gets a mention of the first Summerslam in the display:


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