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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-11 12:31:00

Our friends at released the following official details on their forthcoming documentary on the legendary Dynamite Kid:

The definitive documentary about wrestling legend Dynamite Kid and his impact in the world of professtional wrestling. Two disc set.

This project began when traveled to Manchester, England to conduct a simple interview with Tom Billington about his wrestling career. Prior to this interview, nobody knew very much about what happened to Dynamite Kid since he retired from pro wrestling and nobody had been able to unravel the myths surrounding his legacy.

Perhaps more than any other wrestler, Tom Billington was a recluse, never agreeing to do interviews, appearances, or even maintaining contact with his old friends from wrestling. After conducting the interview with the reclusive Billington, we realized that he had an amazing story that could not be told merely by his own, humbled words.

Therefore, with the help of a lot of generous donors through Kickstarter, we set out on a worldwide traveling endeavor to interview those that knew Dynamite Kid the best and those that still keep in touch with him today. What resulted was a very emotional journey into a career cut short by the abuses of steroids, alcohol, drugs, and a complete disregard for his own physical limitations.

Dynamite Kid started as a young Englishmen trained in the infamous Snake Pit by Ted Betely and turned an opportunity given to him by the Hart Family in Calgary into a phenomenal worldwide wrestling career. He arguably saved a dying Stampede Wrestling and turned that small Western Canadian territory into an internationally acclaimed promotion. Dynamite Kid was on the front lines of changing professional wrestling from a big man carnival act into an exciting action based entertainment industry where lightweight and physically gifted performers were the focal point of the show. He dazzled an international audience with matches against Tiger Mask that are still a bench mark today.

Perhaps best known by modern wrestling fans as a member of the British Bulldogs, this documentary covers the unique relationship between Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith and how the team was on bad footing from the inception.

The most talked about locker room fight in WWF history is storied for the first time by Dynamite as well as all the other key locker room figures of that time.

Dynamite Kid was considered to be 20 years ahead of his time and his influence is still very visible today. Unfortunately, for personal issues there is a dark shadow over his legacy. This documentary digs deeper and gets to the heart of this complex wrestling revolutionary.

Disc 1: Approximately 2 hrs 25 minutes

Documentary - 1:47


    Stampede Savior
    The Lifestyle
    Sucker Punch
    Sweet Man
    Dynamite Effect

    - Rib Stories - 19:26
    - Benoit - 8:38
    - Matilda - 5:51
    - Davey Richard's Comments - 5:33

Disc 2: Approximately 2hrs 10 minutes


    Great Stories - 25:44
    Director Comments - 13:45
    Calgary Tour - 4:56
    Slideshow of Photos - 3:02
    True or False with Dynamite Kid - 15:25

    Bruce Hart - 15:59
    Ross Hart - 27:22
    Honky Tonk Man - 27:43

The DVD is already available for pre-orders, as is an autographed version.


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