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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-12 09:59:00

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Maybe you can help me with this I'm just curious to know if WWE has the New Age Outlaws wrestling their house shows why don't they have them on Smackdown or Raw?

They are on the road for two reasons, the WWE talent roster is thin right now and it's always a way to give fans a "house show only" treat.  WWE doesn't want to push them as a TV act since they are older now and part their prime.

Any word whether or not WWE has plans to use Jericho in any actual storyline?

Oh yeah, he didn't just come back to do The Rumble.  He will be used at least through WrestleMania.

I thought about this during his entrance last week on Raw: with WWE investing so much into their relationship with Twitter, and seemingly forcing their talent to use it, why doesn't Vince McMahon himself use Twitter?

Vince has never been one to do interviews or address fans one-on-one.  It is his belief that as the owner of the company, he shouldn't be doing that kind of interaction.  He likes to control his discourse and with Twitter, it allows people to fire salvos directly at you (for an example, just check out Hulk Hogan's Twitter).  I have always thought it was part of the way that he keeps his mystique, and it makes sense to me.

My question pertains to Mr. McMahon. What do the superstars call him backstage? Vince or Mr. McMahon? I was just wondering cause you see them calling him Vince on TV all the time but usually you would call your boss Mr. or Mrs./Miss.

McMahon runs a relaxed company in that respect.  Any talent of worth calls him Vince.  If a talent is calling him "Mr. McMahon" he/she probably are very new to the company.

So do you think after Wrestlemania 29, The Rock is done wrestling. He still makes appearances on Raw and Smackdown but stops getting in the ring and competing or do you think he still has a few good years left in him?

 I think he will wrestle again after Mania.  He definitely has plenty of good years left in him.  He is relatively young still

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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