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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 09:06:30
Former ECW World champion Jerry Lynn returns to PWInsiderTV, discussing his match tonight against old for Lance Storm, his retirement tour, the crowds being so kind to him and much more:

Earlier this week on PWInsiderTV:

Backstage minutes after his Extreme Rising ( & Philadelphia debut, Hijo del Rey Misterio discusses coming to the Northeast for the first time, his reaction upon hearing the crowd for his entrance, the similarities of his match to Rey Mysterio Jr's ECW debut vs. Psisosis in 1995, whether that was done consciously, how Rey Misterio Sr. is doing, Lucha talents he wants to see in Extreme Rising, the pressure of carrying the family legacy and much more!

PWInsiderTV catches up with Ring of Honor star BJ Whitmer, discussing his return to the company, all the bumps he's taken, how his body is feeling, favorite ROH memories as we head into their Anniversary event next month, wanting to come back to the business after injuries forced him out, his team with Rhett Titus and more:

ECW documentary Director and Producers Kevin Kiernan and John Philapavage reveal the official title of their film exclusively to PWInsiderTV and more:

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