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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-28 14:53:40

In case you missed it yesterday (which is understandable due to the Rumble and all of the news that came with it), Hulk Hogan tweeted a disturbing picture of his daughter Brooke, taken from the side, where he wrote: "Brooke's legs", that you can see by clicking here.  Despite the nature of the picture, as well as several stinging comments left by followers of his under it, Hogan left the picture up (though Lockerz did have the good sense to take it down).  Now, VH-1 has picked up on Hogan's scary tweet by doing a story on their "6 Creepiest Father-Daughter Moments".  They have included five other pictures that, well, let's just say some find inappropriate for a father to be party to with his daughter. You can read their story by clicking here.

When a network associated with The Jersey Show series finds you creepy, well that says a lot Snooki.

Speaking of Hogan, Devin Cutting sent word that Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling will be holding an event during the Pure Mega-Party at The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio on March 2nd, 2013.

Also, TNA returns to the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina on March 22nd, 2013. Bell time is 7:30 PM. Tickets cost $75, $35 & $20.

The Fayetteville Observer has a story about the Gut Check that will take place at the 2/2 show at The Crown Arena, with comments from D. Lo Brown, that you can read by clicking here.


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