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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-26 11:04:37
Here's a recap of everyone that appeared on Week Three of PWInsiderTV!

ROH TV champion Adam Cole discusses memories of his banner year in 2012, the pressure he and others put on themselves to perform at a high level, his bloody battle against Kyle O'Reilly, what was going through his mind when he was busted open, his relationship with Sami Callihan and the parallels of their careers, favorite ROH memories, goals for 2013 and what he's focusing on, the hardest part of the last year of his career and much more!

Former WCW star Former WCW star Devon "Crowbar" Storm discusses whether his Extreme Rising run is a career resurgence, why the company has been so fun for him, his reputation for not "respecting the business" among some wrestlers when he was pursuing his education while wrestling full-time, what he says to them today, wrestling and working hard when he doesn't need to be in the business, the power that it gives him, his excitement over new Star Wars movies in the future, his favorite story about the late Dennis Coraluzzo and much more!

A look at the creation of the CZW Cage of Death:

Former ROH champion & TNA star Nigel "Desmond Wolfe" McGuinness talks with PWInsiderTV about the response to his excellent documentary "The Last of McGuinness", blood in pro wrestling, how it should be policed in 2013, moves all wrestling promotions should take for their talents, the support fans have given him over the course of the documentary, how emotional the process putting the film together was, his goals for the film and how they changed, his favorite ROH memories and more!

Ring announcer extraordinaire Larry Legend joins PWInsiderTV to discuss his recent appearance on The Price is Right, how he ended up on the show, whether he knew he was going to appear, "ring announcing" during his appearance, winning, whether he had to sign a non-disclosure, who was the first person from wrestling to recognize him when the episode aired, what he did with the boat he won and much more!

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