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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-25 10:00:00
When the Heavenly Bodies competed in ECW in 1995, was that a cross-promotional deal with SMW or just something they were free to do on their own?

Neither. The Bodies debuted in ECW after Smoky Mountain Wrestling shut down.

So has John Cena became the WWE's new pitchman or hype man? In recent weeks I've seen Cena come out cut promos about other wrestler's matches late in the show and then that train wreck of a promo hyping the Rumble. If so then they need to fire him and bring in Mean Gean for that job.

Ha! Sadly, that seems to be the way WWE Creative has pushed Cena's personality in recent weeks. After the really negative response to the promo on Raw this past Monday, we will see if that changes.

Do you think it's long overdue that Christopher Daniels is getting a world title match in TNA?

He's had TNA title shots before. He was just usually booked in other roles for the promotion.

Why do when wrestlers such as Big. E and Seth Rollins never bring the NXT title with them to Raw/ Smackdown?

While WWE does make references to NXT from time to time on television, what happens there has absolutely no bearing on the main roster storylines, so it makes little sense to spend time trying to establish those championships, especially when WWE has about 40 of their own on TV already.

I have always wanted to see Sting vs The Undertaker. I know it could be great for the fans and a great Wrestlemania you think it could happen or is Sting really dedicated to TNA? Thanks again guys.

I think the ship has sailed on that ever happening.

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