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By Matthew Macklin on 2013-01-21 20:03:46
The National Stadium in Dublin was roughly three quarters full. I use the term "stadium" loosely as its actually a bingo hall, which makes for an incredible atmosphere that you won't hear anywhere else. The Irish sense of humour makes for an interesting evening of crowd chants too.

Christy Hemme was the ring announcer and did her usual dodgy job.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Kazarian and Daniels to retain the tag titles. Daniels got a huge reaction and was the star of the show. Excellent back an forth match. Chavo got huge "Eddie" chants when he did the usual routine. He got the win with a frog splash. Really good opener.

Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher defeated Tara and Gail Kim. The usual from the knockouts. The biggest reaction of the night went to Tara's butt cheeks, which was chanted for the majority of the match. Velvet got the win with the pedigree like manoeuvre that she does. A side note.. Brooke Tessmacher is hotter than hell.

TNA X Division title RVD defeated Zema Ion. Earl Hebner came out and did the usual routine where he reveals the "Damn right I did" t shirt... At this point things got crazy... While Earl strutted like Bret wearing pink shades a fan jumped the guard rail and lunged for Earl. He was seconds away from hitting him when security dragged the man out of the arena. The Montreal screw job obviously still strikes a cord with people. Ether that or some people are too stupid for their own good. I'd say its the latter.

The match started with RVD stealing Zema's hair spray and having fun with the ringside fans. The match itself was great. Some nice fast paced action with RVD eventually hitting the frog splash for the win.

James Storm defeated Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Aries got on the mic and said he was part Irish and that we were all fat beer drinking wastes of space. Storm then got on the mic and defended the Irish obviously and sprayed beer on the ringside fans. The match was great with the heels working together for the most part. Aries is in a league of his own at the minute. Storm won with the Last Call on Aries.

TNA President Dixie Carter then came out to thank us and promote British Bootcamp. She was interrupted by Magnus. Being from England he naturally got the biggest heat of the night.. With chants such as "British wanker" directed at him. He said he wanted to be shown respect and foolishly called the Irish ginger, which got a massive "Sheamus" chant. Bully Ray interrupted and demanded that Dixie lift his suspension for the night.

So, Bully Ray defeated Magnus No DQ. The crowd went wild chanting for tables. The match was solid. Ray introduced the table and won with a spinebuster through it. A huge pop for this!

Sting and Kurt Angle defeated D.O.C. and Devon in a steel cage match. We had a 15 minute intermission to set up the cage. The match would have been fine without it. Angle and Sting obviously got deafening responses. Before Angle could enter the cage he was jumped by Mike Knox, which left Sting two on one. The beat down went on until Angle took out Knox, got in the ring and cleaned house allowing Sting to hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. A masked member of Aces and 8s also got involved (it was obviously D-Lo), as did the ball pain hammer. Angle and Sting left straight away after the win. Aces and 8s teased unmasking D-Lo but it didn't happen. They hugged it out in the ring to end the show. It was a bizarre ending as there is usually some sort of babyface speech to close the show. I'd have liked more from Sting and Angle.

Overall though, a fantastic show and miles better than WWE at the O2 in November. The atmosphere in the small venue makes it all the more special.

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