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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-18 10:00:00
I saw Julie Hart is writing a book. When does it come out?

The listed release date is February 1st.

I saw on PWInsiderTV you had some video of the old WWE restaurant. Why didn't you shoot on the inside so we can see how different it is?

We attempted to do that but were quickly told it wasn't allowed for copyright reasons. So, jail or short video....we picked short video!

Are the Muppets coming back to WWE? I just want to listen to Dave Scherer complain about them and Mike Johnson defend them.

Very funny. No word yet.

Isn't Bully Ray Dudley married in real life?

I believe he is, but what would that have to do with a wrestling storyline anyway?

Did I really say Brooke Hogan say "My Boobs are out" on Impact?

Yes. Yes you did. Oops.

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