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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-17 09:22:07
Former ECW and WWE star Justin Credible posted a video last night on Youtube noting he was now 60 days clean and sober following his most recent rehab visit, which WWE paid for.

Credible discusses a lot of his past issues, noting that when he got in the business at 19, being hired so young by the WWF (to portray Aldo Montoya) was more than he could emotionally handle and he ended up becoming a "follower" and having the same behavior as the bigger stars he admired that were in the same locker room.

Credible also issued an apology to Extreme Rising and the fans for his issues the night of their first event, where he passed out backstage while calling spots for his match and ended up being removed from the show and the locker room.

You can watch the complete video below:

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