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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-30 09:59:00

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What is your advice on handling non wrestling fans (mainly family members/co-workers/friends) who gives you that same old tired line of “Hey, you know that stuff is fake right?” after you tell them that you are a wrestling fan? Sometimes I just wanna punch these people in the face.

My position is different now since I can say, "I make a living doing something I enjoy while you do something you hate" to most people.  Back when I was a fan only I used sarcasm to make the person in question look like the jackoff that they were being.  I can be quite sarcastic when I want to be and usually use that to rip people that act like jerks.  Everyone has something you can mock in response so just find it and rip on it.  It's especially fun when they get offended and ask why you are being a jerk, missing the point that they started the whole thing.

Do you agree with Bruce Prichard's booking style, where the free TV shows are more important than the pay-per-views in order to garner bigger ratings?

Given that TNA is beholden to and in business because of Spike TV yes, I do.  Spike TV has to be their priority.

It's about the invasion angle back in 2001. Although I feel it wasn't as bad as some people think, it definitely could have been a lot better. Anyhow, I feel as if the main point of the angle was to pile up on Vince's giant ego, and to show WWE is the best and always will be the best. What is your take on this?

I feel as that was the main point as well, to show Vince won the war and that WWE was better.  That is exactly why I think it was a huge failure.  Had he put his ego aside, WWE could have gotten years of mileage out of not only the feud, but the value that the WCW and ECW brand had.  They could have made so much more money. 

So Matt Morgan takes Hogan's robe, wears it for weeks and Hogan does nothing about it. Whats the point? I get the whole 'Morgan will win titles in the robe' but from a storyline point of view, why has Hogan not even made reference to it lately? Just seems pretty insulting to me as a viewer.

Well, Hogan can't beat him up and god forbid the 59 year old Hulkster looks weak in any way.  It didn't leave TNA a whole lot of choice I guess.  Maybe they think by taking the robe they gave Morgan the rub already.

So we all know The Rock has a championship match at RR. But, with WWE trying to make Ryback a star, is it possible that Ryback could win the title before the PPV and therefore be the one to face Rock? I know Punk vs. Rock has been assumed for months. Just feels so easy that they could be pulling a fast one.

 Sure it's possible but it's also highly improbable.  The story is in Rock ending Punk's long title reign and face vs. heel.  I don't see any way WWE makes the title switch to Ryback before The Rumble.

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