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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-28 10:00:34
Complaints have been made that WWE is too thin on the main roster. However, there is a lot of talent ready to go in NXT, evidenced by the Shield being brought up and put right into a main event program. Has WWE put themselves in a position where they need new talent, but if they bring up all the new talent that is ready to go, they a) deplete NXT and b) over saturate the roster with new talent which would cause some of them to get overlooked which would be doing them a disservice?

WWE has put themselves in that position in the past, but since Triple H took over that aspect of the company, the edict has been not to bring anyone up without a reason or story behind it. So, now we get the Shield as opposed to Ricky Ortiz and Gavin Spears.

Is there a reason other than safety WWE started doing Tribute to the Troops at domestic bases?

The United States began "leaving" Iraq.

Hey guys, I was checking out some old classics and was wondering if you had a health update on Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan? In my mind one of the greatest guys in the sport's history.

Bobby is still hanging in there and living in Florida as well as sometimes making convention appearances. He's been through a rough patch battling cancer and losing his jaw bone to a bad infection but is still hanging in there.

Does WWE have ownership of the old WCW mascot, Wildcat Willie?

I would think so, but hopefully they had him neutered.

Where are the offices?

To paraphrase the Metallica song, wherever we may roam.

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