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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-11 12:57:59

Extreme Rising released the following video:


WrestlingBusTrips issued the following:

We are doing this last minute, so act now or chance missing this, but we are organizing a very special trip to the 12/29 Extreme Rising event in Philadelphia, PA.

As our holiday gift to you, the trip will be $89 for one person OR $129 for two people!

The trip will feature:

*Your ticket(s) to Extreme Rising in Philadelphia, PA. $89 = 1 ticket. $129 = 2 tickets.
*Early admission to the ev
ent via a special private entrance.
*Pre-show Q&A Session/Meet & Greet.
*Round trip transportation from the stop of your choice on our luxury bus featuring wifi, charging ports, rest room, monitors playing wrestling action all the way there and back.

We are treating this as our personal holiday party, so please come and bring a friend and let's have a good time. Rising wants to put their money where their mouth is and redeem themselves, here is their chance. I've made the trip as affordable as possible and once we hit our minimum needed, we will accept payments at the bus.

This was literally put together at the last minute, so we need to organize quickly. If you want to go, please email us to reserve your seats -

Set for the event:

*Matt Hardy vs. Sabu!

*Tournament to crown the first Rising champion: Devon Storm vs. Rhino and Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards set for the semi-finals - with the winners facing off to determine the first champion.
*The Gangstas vs. BLK OUT in a Steel Cage!

*Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide in Lynn's final Philadelphia wrestling appearance.

*The debut of Hijo del Rey Misterio as he faces Bestia 666, plus Little Guido, CW Anderson, Papadon and more!

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