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By Brian Pickering on 2012-12-01 09:39:04

This week's WWE Classics on Demand update:

Big Events
Starrcade 1997

Classic Rewind
ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Monday Night Wars: Nitro 7/14/97
Monday Night Wars: Raw 7/14/97
Monday Night Raw: Stone Cold Christmas 12/22/97
Tuesday Night Titans 9/6/85

Eddie Graham
WWE Hall of Fame: Eddie Graham
No DQ Match: Eddie Graham vs Leroy Brown CWF 1980
Eddie Graham & Bob Armstrong vs Dick Murdoch & Bob Roop CWF 1970's
Steel Cage Match: Eddie Graham & Dusty Rhodes vs The Spoilers CWF 1970's
No DQ Match: Eddie Graham vs Jumbo Tsuruta CWF 1970's

TV Classics

Monday Night Raw 11/30/98
WWE's Tribute to the Troops: Christmas in Baghdad 2004
WCW Worldwide 5/29/93

Season Beatings

Every day from Dec 1 to Dec 25 Classics will be adding a new classic everyday.

Dec 1 - Mr. McMahon & Ric Flair host Christimas Parties Raw 12/24/01

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