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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-27 09:53:20
Was it my imagination but right after the confrontation between Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries did I not hear someone yell Cut?

You did. The perils of live television.

How is it that TNA could get away with the use of brass knuckles with no repercussions? In the state of Florida they are illegal to posses.

Well, technically, they were used as a theatrical prop, which would be allowable.

Will the Borash/Kenely team do all the first hour from now on on Impact wrestling?

For the time being, the plan is for Taz and Mike Tenay to handle the second hour only as a way to freshen up the TV series.

What happened to TNA's Chris Sabin since his injury? Is he still with the company or let go?

Sabin is still recovering from his ACL surgery. He remains under contract to the company.

Why is TNA using the Joseph Parks character instead of Abyss? Is he healing from an injury so they are keeping him on tv without much wrestling?

It's all storyline to build to the return of Abyss.

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