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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-09 12:13:43
Kayfabe Commentaries released their Youshoot with Tammy Sytch today via DVD and VOD. The timing of the release is actually really insane considering she was arrested again, but that's just how things work out sometimes. Youshoot is the company's DVD line where all the questions are taken from fans and often lead to some pretty unique lines of questioning.

If you'd like to order the VOD version, you can by clicking the graphic below and signing up for a account: iPPV

KFC released the following press release:


Between the headlines of intoxication and arrests, there is a snapshot of the real Tammy Sytch -- vivacious, clear-headed, fun loving, and provocative. It seems, with the headlines we're seeing now, to be the only recent snapshot of wrestling's original diva in such a precious state. But it's a portrait of a person most people would probably like to hang with.

Today sees the release of another edition of Kayfabe Commentaries' popular shoot series "YouShoot", in which Tammy Sytch takes the hotseat...and lights it ablaze. The DVD and OnDemand stream is available today at This was shot the day after her release from WWE sponsored rehab this summer, and it's Tammy without the shackles of addiction and associated madness. Sytch, very jocular and sexual in this interview, plays along with the YouShoot games (all revamped and updated, furthering KC's emphasis on production value) and answers everything fans had to ask.

The very personal interview lasts about 2:20 and swings from the bedroom, to the ring, and everywhere in between. There is the expected...Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Chris Candido, Vince well as the unexpected, like the revelation of a relationship with Davey Boy Smith and Tammy's frank discussions of her preferences "in the hay".

Kayfabe Commentaries' Sean Oliver says the release is a portrait of the Tammy many probably knew in the 90s. "She's so fun, smart, and engaging. Very magnetic, which no doubt contributed to her success in wrestling," Oliver said. Though her recent troubles are making the headlines, he feels this release shows her true potential. "This release falls between some unfortunate events," he began. "But the time in which this was taped was spotlighting the real Tammy. You will see what she can still contribute to the business. She's still in there. I hope she finds it and embraces it for the long-term."

"YouShoot: Tammy Sytch" went onsale today at and is available on both DVD and instant viewing via KC's OnDemand Channel.

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