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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-08 19:47:22
The official word on Bryan Gewirtz's position with the company is that he will remain a "consultant" for the company. One source believed that contractually, they cannot let him go without paying him a penalty so he will remain in a position where he provides feedback to the company on their product.

Replacing Gewirtz will be Eric Pankowski, who was hired by the company in February as Senior Vice President, Creative and Development. Pankowski was a senior executive at Reveille and Warner Bros and has been working directly with Stephanie McMahon in recent months.

In another move that had talent talking, Ed Koskey is going to be taken off the road and will be working more out of WWE Headquarters. That had quite a few pieces of talent we've heard from in the last hour upset as Koskey was well liked and considered someone they could relate to and deal with while pushing their own ideas. Koskey being taken off the road was described to me as "collateral damage" from Gewirtz being removed as the two worked closely together.

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