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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-08 09:33:48
ROH announced the following this morning:

From now until Wednesday at Midnight, is running a special $10 Off Columbus Day Sale!!!

For the next three days, all you have to do is spend $25 or more in the ROH Store, then enter the code COLUMBUS when you check out, and you will get $10 off your next order!

Order 2 Tickets to an upcoming ROH Live Event, 2 ROH Event DVDs, 2 ROH Compilations, a T-shirt and a DVD, those are just a few of the combinations you can put together to qualify for your $10 off! This sale only lasts until Midnight on 10/10 so don't miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of this chance to save!!!

*Shipping and taxes do not count towards $25*

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