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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-15 10:00:00
You recently reported that WWE is set to tour Egypt, it also has been confirmed that Lilian Garcia will be performing her ring announcing duties over there as well. Considering the recent rise of anti Americanism in the region , is there talk of scrapping the tour?

As of now, no, but I am sure they will insure their talents have adequate security.

I know people have been wondering this for years: WWE has re-released the Original Wrestling Album and WrestleMania The Album on CD. Why isn't Piledriver on CD or digital format? With hits like Jive Soul Bro, Demolition, and Vince's Stand Back on there, not being in a modern format is an injustice to wrestling fans

That is a great question and my only theory is that the record company, not WWE owns the rights to the album.

Whatever became of Garrett Bischoff? He seemed to have vanished into thin air. Now you see him, now you don't. Is he still with TNA? If so as what? A referee or a wrestler?

Bischoff is still under contract to TNA and is working house shows.

What are the requirements for certain FCW Divas to be brought up to either Raw or Smackdown? How does one earn the right to go to RAW/Smackdown?

WWE Creative has something for them.

Are there any updates on Stampede Wrestling running again? Any word on talents?

No updates at all at this time. Bruce Hart has a pattern of trying to relaunch the company, and often there is not much to the effort. So, we will see.

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