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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-02 10:22:25
Shane Douglas released the following statement on this past weekend's Extreme Reunion event:

For those unable to watch it, the basic points are:

*They appreciated the support and realize the crowd size shows there is a place for the product.

*They realize and apologize for the "dark spots" of the show and realize there were more "Dark spots" than highlights.

*Douglas will be pulling himself out of the ring and will not wrestle going forward for Extreme Reunion.

*They were unable to control what certain talents did once they went to the ring and what they did on their own time, so they will announce "overhauls" to their roster for future events.

*They realize the sound, lighting and production was not up to par and will rectify that going forward.

*They asked the audience to stick with them as they try to improve and give them the product they deserve.

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