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By Buck Woodward on 2007-07-26 08:00:00
July 26th

On this day in history in ....

1946 - Dave Levin defeats Kay Bell for the Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, beginning his second run with the belt.

1968 - Fritz Von Erich defeats Johnny Valentine in Houston, Texas to win the American Heavyweight Title for the fifth time.

1972 - Miyoko Hoshino defeats Sarah Lee for the WWWA Women's Title (top singles title in All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling) in Kasugabe, Japan.

1980 - Greg Valentine defeats Ric Flair for the United States Heavyweight Title in Charlotte, North Carolina, ending Flair's fourth reign as U.S. Champion.

1981 - Angelo Mosca defeats Mr. Fuji for the Canadian Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Ontario, starting his third run with the belt.

1998 - WWF held their Fully Loaded Pay-per-view at the Selland Arena in Fresno, California. Here are the results:
- Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett with a cradle.
- European Champion D'Lo Brown defeated X-Pac with a frog splash.
- Faarooq & 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Terry Funk & Justin Bradshaw when Scorpio pinned Funk with a 450 splash.
- Mark Henry defeated Vader with a big splash.
- Skull & 8 Ball defeated The Legion Of Doom when Skull pinned Animal with a DDT.
- Owen Hart defeated Ken Shamrock in a match that was taped in the "Hart Family Dungeon" (Stu Hart's basement). Owen knocked out Shamrock with a dumbbell to get the win. Dan Severn was the referee.
- Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia vs. Triple H went to a 30 minute time limit draw in a three falls match with both men tied at one fall each.
- Sable defeated Jacqueline in a bikini contest when she took off her sweater to reveal a bikini bottom and bodypaint in the shape of handprints covering her breasts. The decision was later reversed, since Sable's bodypaint was not considered to be a bikini top.
- The Undertaker & Steve Austin defeated Kane & Mankind to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship when Taker pinned Kane with a tombstone piledriver.

2000 - The Kingpins defeat The Mean Street Posse for the Memphis Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

2003 - Major League Wrestling held their "Rise Of The Renegades" show in Orlando Florida at Tabu Night Club.  Here are the results:
- Jose & Joel Maximo defeated Jimmy Yang & Tony Mamaluke.
- Josh Daniels defeated Richard Criado.
- The Samoan Island Tribe vs. Da Hit Squad went to a no-contest.
- Steve Williams defeated C.W. Anderson.
- Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn.
- Simon Diamond defeated The Sandman.
- Mikey Whipwreck defeated Sabu.
- Richard Criado defeated Nosawa.
- CM Punk & Michael Shane defeated Norman Smiley & Raven.
- Terry Funk defeated Abdullah The Butcher.
- MLW Champion Steve Corino defeated Mike Awesome.
- Steve Williams & The Sandman defeated MLW Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond & C.W. Anderson in a non-title match.

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