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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-22 20:37:00

Steven Fernandes sent the following....In addition to MSG on 3/25, Daniel Bryan is also advertised by for 3/26 in Trenton, NJ and 3/27 in Washington, DC. 

Raw will return to Detroit, Michigan at the Joe Louis Arena on 7/11.

Fox posted the following video to YouTube showcasing the challenges on the upcoming "American Grit" reality competition series hosted by John Cena starting Thursday, April 14

A quick apology: For several minutes tonight, there was a post on the site about The Prudential Center announcing that "The Rock would be hosting" the 5/22 WWE Payback PPV on the venue's social media accounts.  I completely erred in forgetting the venue uses "The Rock" nickname in describing itself.  The story was pulled 3 minutes later, but I wanted to make a note and apologize for any confusion for anyone who saw the post before it was removed.


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