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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-05 21:03:57

The show opened with a great video of the class and the members already in the Hall. Tonight we celebrate, and they showed the inductees. I am pretty sure they put them in the order of: Razor, Carlos Colon, Paul Bearer, Mr. T, Lita, Jake Roberts and then Warrior. I may have missed the order though.

Jerry Lawler then came out, as he is our emcee. Tonight it going to be a celebration. It's an honor to share the stage with them. He then send us to a WWE promotional video package to a Kid Rock song. It was a good piece, especially for long time fines as you got to see footage of some great ones. It really put over the company and the stars from outside of wrestling that have been part of the company at various times.

Lita is the first inductee. They open with a video package and Superstars talking about how great she was.

Trish Stratus came out to induct Lita. Jerry put her over well. Trish came out, with her now trademark brown hair. She was happy when "Amy" asked her to induct her. She referenced that Amy is the Godmother of her child. She said that their careers paralleled. Her first and match were against her, and they debuted within weeks of each other. They had that chemistry and you can't ask for anything more. Because of that, they got to share so many great moments including main eventing Raw. She said Amy was cool and did things we never saw from a woman. She was relatable and girls saw something in her that they saw in themselves.

She is best know for her time in Team Extreme. She wasn't a side dish, she was an equal part of that group. She had the "I want to hang out with this chick" quality. They are still really, really tight to this day. She is a pretty awesome chick. Trish ran down her accolades, and they were pretty damn impressive. She noted that Amy is making her long dress debut, her bestie Lita. Great speech by Trish.

Lita came out in a long red dress, to a great reaction from the crowd. She said she was just going to take it in for a minute. She said the wrestling crowd is a different arena. She took in the moment and said she was "super into it". A Thank You Lita chant broke out. She thanked them back. She asked if she ever heard about the time she called a travel agent. She wanted to go to Mexico. She had almost no money or plan. She made sure to keep a 20 in her bra, and she still does that. She pulled out a twenty from her bra. She was asked for more information and she asked the agent where Lucha Libre is most popular, that is where she wanted to go. The woman didn't know, so Amy asked what was the biggest city was. It was Mexico City. She told a story about going there to pay her dues and become a wrestler and tied it into how it hooked her, and we will see it tomorrow at WrestleMania XXX. She talked about her first TV bit which she did with Sean Morely/Val Venis. They did a pre-tape with Rayo De Jalisco Jr. and he left his mask and she took it. She pulled it out and showed us, she still has it.

She then talked about being a mark for Rey Mysterio Jr. (and if you didn't see him back in the early to mid 90s, he was freaking awesome for AAA. She talked about what a mark she was for him, including having his name on a personal license plate. It led to her supposed to get a meeting with Rey and Arn Anderson got involved. Rey finally met Rey so she owned Arn Anderson a Miller Lite. She brought out a Miller Lite for Arn and Rey. Her and Trish drank some wheatgrass. Arn chugged a beer. He has Rey's. Lita said Arn was double fisting so he took Rey his beer and they drank and saluted Lita.

After that, she ended up in ECW for six months. That led to an ECW chant. Her first PPV was Heat Wave 1999. She was with Danny Doring and Roadkill. Doring proposed to her with a condom, not a ring. She then went on to her marriage to Edge. It was the most Slutacular Wedding Dress ever. Then she was with Kane. She relayed how crazy the stuff with Kane was, then topped it with her run with Snitsky. She then told a story about how Kane isn't a monster. They really mean no time limits this year. This one has gone on too long.

She talked about how doing the season finale of Dark Angel she got dropped on her head. She knew something was wrong. She went to doctors and found out that she had a broken neck. She put on a hard collar because it was the release date of her bobble head. She went to the hospital instead of Raw and was told she needed emergency surgery since her neck was broken in three places. It mean her career was over. She asked to talk to Steve Austin. They showed him and he smiled. She said this is the bubble we live in. She doesn't want to talk to the doctor, she wants advice from Steve Austin. He said go to Dr. Youngblood, who did a lot of neck surgeries for WWE workers back in the day. She had many more successful years because of it.

She then started thanking people. There were a lot. I won't list them all but will mentioned a few. She thanked Tommy Dreamer and it took a while for the camera to find him. She thanked Victoria (Tara) as they did the first steel cage match. She thanked Manami Toyota for being awesome, and damn she is right about that. She thanked Essa Rios, who she was a big fan of. She thanked Team Extreme, huge honor to work in the TLC crew with The Hardy Boys, Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian. She then thanked the crew and her bestie Trish Stratus. Their friendship will last the ever and that means the most to her. She thanked her Mom and Brother for their support. She said she loved them. She thanked Monster Jock and Anthony, as well as the punk rock and hardcore scene. They have made her who she is today. She encouraged people to find you punk rock, you lucha and it will lead you to where you want to be.

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