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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-23 23:08:20
The Video on Demand iPPV version of House of Hardcore 2 is already available online at

The crowd last night looked to be in the 1,000-1,100 range. Tommy Dreamer noted today that the show was profitable and he intends to run a third event sometime before the end of the year, likely in the Fall. He is spacing out events to insure that they are meaningful big events when they take place and to make sure that they are taking place apart from any events that could conflict with fans' interest in the show.

Since we received a lot of questions about this, Ric Flair was never scheduled to appear on HOH2 beyond the pre-show autograph session. Flair was contracted to sign for two hours and did so, leaving before the live event even began. He was accompanied by JJ Dillon (who lives about an hour from Philly) and Fifi the Maid from WCW, who Flair is dating.

Tony Devito worked backstage as an agent.

Crowbar actually intended for his bout against Hale Collins to be his retirement match, which he did not tell HOH beforehand. Over the course of the match, he changed his mind and instead thanked the fans for their support. He worked the show with a triceps tear which he suffered working a small indy show in New Jersey and later compounded at his full-time job running his physical therapy clinic.

Brian Kendrick worked despite a neck injury suffered the night before.

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