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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-18 17:50:50
The finish to Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton was legitimate last night in that the company stopped the match after Bryan suffered a stinger executing a missile dropkick.

The original planned finish was for Bryan to defeat Orton cleanly to help set up a planned main event run this summer. They are building to Bryan vs. John Cena for the WWE title on a PPV.

When Bryan returned to the back, he was "irate" according to a source and complained to Triple H that the match should not have been stopped. The two got into a loud argument over it. The argument went down in the gorilla position with a lot of eyeballs on it and people were shocked because Bryan is generally soft spoken and good natured and he was standing up to one of the most powerful men in the company.

Bryan complained that he's worked all over the world and has worked hurt and knows when he can still go and when he cannot. Triple H's argument was that they were protecting Bryan and they don't want anyone working hurt. Obviously, the company sees something major in Bryan and wants him ready for his push.

The two eventually apologized to each other.

WWE posted the video of Triple H online (we we mentioned earlier today), explaining what happened as a way to use the legitimate finish and tie it into their storylines going forward.

Bryan is backstage at tonight's Smackdown taping in Dayton, Ohio and is advertised to wrestle Dean Ambrose. He is scheduled to work.

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