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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-10 08:00:00

April 10th

On this day in history in ....

1925 - Angelo Poffo is born.

1954 - The one and only Paul Bearer, Percy Pringle is born.

1956 - Richard Brown defeats Iron Mike DiBiase in Topeka, Kansas for the Central States Title. 

1980 - Jesse Neal is born.

1987 - Day One of the second Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup took place in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Arena, drawing 9,300 fans. Here are the matches that took place on that day:

First Round:
- Bob and Brad Armstrong defeated Arn Anderson and Kevin Sullivan.
- MOD Squad (Spike and Basher) defeated Wahoo McDaniel and Baron Von Raschke.
- Denny Brown and Chris Champion defeated Randy and Bill Mulkey.
- Steve Keirn and George South drew with Mike Graham and Nelson Royal.
- Shaska Whatley and Tiger Conway, Jr. defeated Jimmy Valiant and Lazor-Tron.
- Ronnie and Jimmy Garvin defeated Ricky Lee Jones and Italian Stallion.
- Thunderfoots (1 and 2) defeated Rocky King and Bobby Jaggers.
- Bill Dundee and Barbarian defeated Tim Horner and Mike Rotunda.

Quarter Finals:
- Bob and Brad Armstrong defeated Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov.
- Lex Luger and Tully Blanchard defeated MOD Squad (Spike and Basher).
- Giant Baba and Isao Takagi defeated Denny Brown and Chris Champion.
- The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) defeated Shaska Whatley and Tiger Conway, Jr.
- The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) defeated Ronnie and Jimmy Garvin.
- Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez defeated Thunderfoots (1 and 2).
- Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff defeated Bill Dundee and Barbarian
- The Rock N' Roll Express received a bye (in truth, Ricky Morton was hurt, and the Express would forfeit their match the next night)

In a non-tournament match, Ole Anderson pinned Big Bubba Rogers in a cage match.

1987 - Owen Hart defeats Makhan Signh in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to win the Stampede North American Title for the second time.

1999 - Jushin Liger & The Great Sasuke defeat Dr Wagner Jr & Kendo Kashin to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team belts.

2000 - With much fanfare, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo return to WCW, presumably to take control of the company and help bring it back to prominence. They make their return on a live edition of Nitro from Denver Colorado. Here is a recap of their big angle:

With wrestlers in the ring, Jeff Jarrett talked about how Vince Russo was responsible for turning the WWF around. He said that the "Old Boys Network" couldn't handle Russo's plans to bring success to WCW. Russo came out and said he had come to WCW just to beat Vince McMahon at his own game, but said that there were people in WCW that were afraid of change. Russo blamed the "Old Boys Network" for the departure of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn. Eric Bischoff then joined him, and also complained about the established stars, saying he was wrong when he tried to keep them at the top of the cards. They essentially cut a promo to set up a "New Blood" vs. established stars feud. Russo and Bischoff then had all the titles vacated (Jarrett's U.S. belt, Brian Knobbs Hardcore belt, The Harris Brothers tag belts, and Sid's World Title) and announced tournaments for the belts, as a way of "starting fresh".

The show also saw the surprise debut of ECW World Champion Mike Awesome, who attacked Kevin Nash. Here is the fascinating story behind that jump:

Sometime at the beginning of the month, either WCW sent feelers to ECW World Champion Mike Awesome, or Awesome got word to them that he was interested in coming there. It had been suggested that the connection was Awesome's cousin, Horace Hogan, who was with WCW. Awesome apparently made it clear to WCW that he was not under ECW contract, and plans were put into motion. This was all to remain secret until the big Nitro on 4/10, where Awesome would appear. However, on 4/6, it was mentioned on the "Bubba The Love Sponge" radio show in Florida that Awesome was about to sign a deal with WCW. While Bubba was hardly a reliable source, this statement seemed so unusual that people started digging for facts. This is where things started getting crazy.

Mike Awesome missed the ECW shows that weekend, due to what was believed to be transportation problems. By Saturday morning, word was spreading about Awesome showing up on Nitro, with rumors flying that he was going to throw the ECW World title belt in a trash can, ala Madusa with the WWF Woman's title several years earlier. Whether or not that would have happened will never be known, because ECW found out about the plan, and went on the defensive.

Paul Heyman, at the ECW show in Buffalo Saturday night, informed his locker room of Awesome's planned jump. He also produced a signed three year contract that Awesome had with ECW. Awesome has stated in several interviews that he had a three year contract (including one that I had conducted with him) and this led to speculation that he was going to claim some type of breach in order to open negotiations with WCW.

At the Buffalo show, Heyman made sure the rest of his house was in order, with several wrestlers signing new contracts or extensions.

Sunday before Nitro was a day of heavy speculation, as rumors flew left and right, and ECW's legal team prepared to take on WCW. All the way up until Monday night, fax machines worked overtime, with copies of Awesome's contract being sent to every member of WCW's staff, including Brad Siegel. Rumor has it a copy was even faxed to the attention of Ted Turner at CNN Center. Two hours before Nitro went on, Eric Bischoff said in an AOL chat that Mike Awesome had a contract with WCW. Awesome did arrive in Denver for Nitro, but his appearance was scratched, fearing the validity of the contract with ECW and the threat of legal action. Still, WCW had not given up on Awesome being on the show, and began to negotiate with ECW for Awesome.

Amazingly, an agreement was reached that would allow Awesome to appear. A substantial sum of cash would be given to ECW, and there were conditions placed on Awesome's appearance. Awesome was not to speak on Nitro. He was to be referred to as the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The ECW title belt, which Awesome was in possession of, would not be seen. Also, his title defense on Thursday night in Indianapolis would be plugged, and he would appear on that show to lose the title.

Well, Awesome did appear, and two conditions were violated, as he did speak, and the Thursday match was not plugged (Scott Hudson began to comment that Awesome had a title defense, but it was not followed up on). This set up some more negotiating, and Awesome did not appear on Thunder the next night, despite being backstage at the show. A new settlement was reached where Awesome would have to drop the title on 4/13 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The match would be filmed, then rushed to Nashville, so it could be voiced over and edited into Friday's TNN show. Of course, ECW had one more big move to make, and that was decide who Awesome would drop the title to.

Their choice? Former ECW World Champion, and at the time new WWF star, Tazz. 

2001 - Jeff Hardy defeats Triple H for the WWF Intercontinental Title in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ending HHH's third run with the title.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on SyFy.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Welcome to's live coverage of ECW on SciFi from Providence, Rhode Island.

ECW opened with Vince McMahon (looking like Freddy Krueger with that fedora) making his way to the ring. Vince addressed the crowd from the center the ring, saying that he experienced the greatest humiliation of his life at Wrestlemania 23 when his head was shaved bald. Crowd popped huge for that. He asked the crowd if they enjoyed it and they went nuts again. He said later that night, he vowed he would regain his dignity and self-respect and exact revenge. He said Steve Austin is too busy with The Condemned and Donald Trump is "back in his ivory tower", so that leaves just Bobby Lashley.

The crowd began chanting "You suck", so in return McMahon announced that Lashley won't be here tonight because he's been barred from the building. McMahon promised he wouldn't have been on ECW anyway because he's suffering from a "severe concussion", showing footage of the attack on Lashley from last night on Monday Night Raw.

McMahon said that Lashley claimed Wrestlemania was the best night of his life. Vince promised that Backlash would be the worst night of Lashley's life and would lose the ECW World championship. He ran down the challengers for the ECW title in the Backlash handicap match. McMahon said he could hear the ring announcer right now announcing, "Your new ECW World Heavyweight champion, Vincent K. McMahon."

Vince said that Lashley knew he was going to make Lashley's life a living hell. Vince promised to do just that, saying every night he would make Lashley's life hell. Vince said that every one of the fans in the building laughed at him when he lost his hair, so he would somehow, someway make their lives a living hell as well. A determined McMahon looked around the ring before thanking the fans and promising to see them at Backlash. Typical good promo by McMahon.

Joey Styles and Tazz promoted the Lashley vs. Vince & Shane McMahon and Umaga ECW title match at Backlash as the camera followed Vince walking to the locker room.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam asked CM Punk how he was feeling. Punk said his ribs feel better. RVD told Punk that he represents the old school style of ECW and showed that at Wrestlemania 23. He was complimenting Punk on his work when Elijah Burke interrupted and told Van Dam that Punk was New Breed material. RVD scoffed at it, but Burke said that Punk would show him next week when he announces that he's joining the New Breed. Punk got annoyed and cut them both off saying that since he's getting it from both sides now, he'll make a decision this week and walked off. Van Dam looked confident and then walked off. Burke smiled at Van Dam but when he left, looked worried.

Fine segment setting up later in the night. Punk's intensity and realism when talking is what sets him apart from a lot of the guys - you can see he invests himself into what he's doing, as opposed to reciting words handed to him. It makes a world of difference.

So far, decent show from a storyline evolution standpoint, but 15 minutes in, no wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn (with Ariel)

Tommy Dreamer, limping, made his way to the ring, wearing an ECW Originals shirt. That shirt is easily the worst ECW-related shirt in the entire history of those letters. They showed clips of him taking all the punishment last week in the excellent eight man tag match. Thorn came out holding his neck. I like that the guys are selling their pain from last week, as opposed to TNA where AJ Styles falls off the Elevation X and he's fine on the next episode of Impact. Ariel looked amazing, like always.

Dreamer gets whipped into the corner and shoulderblocked down. Dreamer came back with a neckbreaker, but Thorn retreated. He went to get back in the ring but Dreamer hit him with a sliding kick. Dreamer drilled him into the ringsteps and worked over him outside. Thorn took Dreamer's knees out, and he fell to the floor. Thorn tossed Dreamer into the ring and locked on a chinlock. They showed Punk watching from a monitor in the back. Good way to tease his decision. Thorn nailed spinebuster, but Dreamer kicks up. Dreamer ducks a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker. Dreamer nails several rights. Dreamer charges him in the corner, but is nailed with a kick. Thorn charges Dreamer but is caught with a spinebuster for a near call. Dreamer went to the ropes but Ariel distracted the referee. Thorn crotched Dreamer on the ropes, nailed the Dark Kiss and pinned Dreamer.

Your winner, Kevin Thorn!

Nothing memorable. Really too short to be anything of note and more of a backdrop to tease Punk's decision than a competitive bout.

Backstage, Extreme Expose were preparing and goofing off when Snitsky stalked in. He stared off into space and one by one, Layla, Brooke, and Kelly Kelly snuck off, scared.

They aired a feature on The Condemned.

Tazz and Joey Styles updated everyone on the condition of Hardcore Holly, showing Snitsky "breaking his arm" last week and noting that Holly would require surgery to repair the damage.

CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards

Wow, Stevie on my TV two weeks in a row. They noted Richards asked for another shot at Punk after losing last week. Just as the match was about to start, Matt Striker's music ht and he made his way towards the ring, dressed in a shirt and tie, holding his sternum. As he made his way to the ring, Sandman's theme hit and Hak made his way to ringside. They went to commercial as Joey Styles noted both sides were scouting Punk.

When they returned, Punk was hitting a backbreaker across the knee on Richards. Punk chopped Stevie in the corner, and whipped him out. Richards reversed it, but missed Punk in the corner. Richards went after Punk's ribs, which made sense since Punk "hurt them" at Wrestlemania. More logic in my wrestling; I like that. Richards went for an abdominal stretch, but Punk escaped the attempt and Kicked Richards. They traded strikes. Punk got the better of the exchange, ending it with a backfist and roundhouse kick. Punk hit his running kneelift into the corner, followed by a bulldog for a two count.

Striker and Sandman began arguing outside the ring. Striker shoved Sandman. Sandman went to cane Striker in return but he ducked and the cane caught Punk in the back of his legs as he rebounded off the ropes. Richards rolled up Punk but he escaped and covered Richards for the pin.

Your winner, CM Punk!

Sandman got into the ring after the match and explained to Punk that it was an accident. He told Punk that they've known each other since "Norm Connors in 98." and he wouldn't "steer him wrong." Connors promotes the IWC in Pittsburgh. Joey Styles and Tazz wondered if the errant cane shot would have any bearing on Punk's decision later tonight. Good storyline stuff.

Extreme Expose danced. Well, two of them did. Snitsky made his way to the ring and for some reason, Layla, the most coordinated of all three suddenly turns into the only one unable to figure out how to get out of the ring. She turned into the first girl that always gets killed in a horror movie. It looked really hokey. Snitsky stalked her but Balls Mahoney hit the ring and nailed Snitsky with a chair. No effect. Jason Voorhees sells for nobody, brother.

Joey Styles and Tazz reviewed CM Punk promising his decision later tonight. They aired the RVD, Punk, Burke segment from earlier.

Rob Van Dam vs. Marcus Cor Von

Rob Van Dam made his way to the ring with Sabu, who was wearing a neckbrace. After a commercial break, Cor Von came out with Elijah Burke. Burke and Cor Von together look like a top act. Cor Von muscles RVD into the corner, but gives him a clean break after a shove. Cor Von elbows RVD in the mouth and works over him with punches and clubbing blows.

Van Dam tries to monkeyflip Cor Von out of the corner but is caught for a powerbomb attempt. Van Dam escapes and turns it into a victory roll attempt. Cor Von takes over, hitting several shots to Van Dam's midsection but only gets a one count. Van Dam fights his way off the mat but Cor Von drilled him with a neckbreaker variation for another near fall. Slowly paced so far.

Cor Von continued to work over RVD in the corner. Van Dam takes him down with bodyscissors for a nearfall, Cor Von comes back with a belly-to-back suplex. RVD goes for an enziguiri but Cor Von ducks and nails a release German suplex. Cor Von suplexes RVD over, then cinches a side chinlock, riding Van Dam on the mat.

Van Dam fought his way to his feet. He went to kick Cor Von in the face, but it was blocked and drilling RVD into the corner. He goes right back to the chinlock. Tazz called it a rear naked choke. The crowd is bored to death it seems. Some Van Dam chants finally. RVD makes a comeback with some clotheslines, leg kicks and spinning back kicks. Van Dam hits a springboard into a sidekick.

Van Dam and Cor Von had some weird miscommunication that ended with RVD hitting a corkscrew legdrop. Cor Von backdropped RVD over the ropes but he landed on his feet and hit a Ryder kick off the top rope. Elijah Burke attacked Sabu at ringside and waited for RVD to see him, then drilled Sabu with a DDT on the floor. Van Dam went after Burke but got Pounced by Cor Von and pinned.

Your winner, Marcus Cor Von!

CM Punk's music hit and he ran to ringside, checking on Sabu and Rob Van Dam. He got into the ring and faced off with Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke, ready to fight, then slowly dropped his hands and embraced them. Tne New Breed all lifted Punk on their shoulders and carried him around the ring while he celebrated. Joey Styles sold it like he was shocked and wondered what this meant for the Originals in their battle against the New Breed.

The main event, again, not so memorable and more of a backdrop while we waited to see Punk's decision. I am thinking what we saw at the end was just the next part of that story because it seemed rather anticlimactic just to have Punk simply join up, as opposed to pulling some dastardly heel act en route to going heel. We'll have to see where this goes.

The best thing on the entire show was the backstage segment with Punk, Burke, and Rob Van Dam, in my opinion.

2008 - CBS canceled reality series 'Secret Talents of the Stars" before an episode featuring Ric Flair can air.

2008 - WWE Diva Torrie Wilson teased that her in-ring career is likely over in a blog written on her account:

"My health is doing ok as far as back problems. I must say there are  days that I wake up and ask myself why the heck I put my body through what I did the last few years but it's all worth it. I can never trade all of the awesome experiences that I have had in the WWE and of course all of the great lifelong friends that I have made along the way. I have been told by 2 back surgeons that  I should never set foot in a wrestling ring again if I want to be moving around in a few years on my own. Pretty depressing if you ask me....I don't even have  some awesome memory of what my last match even was or who it was with. Hopefully  it was with Victoria and I beat her! (-: I guess everything happens for a reason for sure."

Wilson returned to the ring at Wrestlemania 25 in a Battle Royal but physically, did not do anything that would have hurt her back.

2008 - WWE Smackdown and ECW ran Valencia, Spain.  Juan Ramos filed the following results:

Tonight's ECW/Smackdown show was great!  It was at the Plaza de Toros with a very full house.  Here are the results of what happened.

Kofi Kingston beat Shelton Benjamin.  The crowd loved Kofi.

One of The Edgeheads beat Jamie Noble with help from the other one.

Victoria beat Michelle McCool.  The fans loved both pretty women.

Tommy Dreamer beat Mike Knox with the DDT.  There was a good laugh in my section when a fan yelled "did you leave your passport in a box" to Knox.

Fit Finlay, with Horny, beat Kenny Dykstra.  The fans loved Finlay and Horny.

John Morrison and The Miz defended their tag championship by beating Jimmy Yang and Shannon Moore.

Matt Hardy, who the crowd loved, beat MVP.  It was a DQ because MVP used a chair.  Matt hit the Twist of Fate after that.

Undertaker, The Big Show and Batista beat Edge, Mark Henry and Great Khali in the main event.  This match wasn't good but the fans liked it anyway.  Undertaker pinned Edge after the Tombstone.

2008 - WWE Raw ran Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Peter O'Rourke filed the following results:

I was at tonight's show at the Odyssey.  It was a fun show.

Brian Kendrick beat Paul Burchill in the opener.  Katie was not there.  We would find out why later. Burchill was in control but lost at the end when Kendrick hit his finisher.

Mickie James and Maria beat Katie Lea and Beth Phoenix when Mickie pinned Katie.  Val Venis was the ref.

CM Punk beat Carlito with the Go To School.

Snitsky beat The Canadian Bulldog DH Smith.  Snitsky was horrible but he got the win.

Santino Marella cut a promo running down the fans.  William Regal came out and stuck up for us since he is British.  He beat Santino after he kicked him in the head.

Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes actually got a win for once.  Of course, they only beat Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch to keep their belts.

Chris Jericho beat Umaga to keep the Intercontinental Title in a fun match.  Umaga laid out Jericho after it was over.

Kane kept the ECW Title when he beat Chavo Guerrero.  Don't ask me why this match was on the show.  Lilian Garcia told us at the beginning that it would be. 

Triple H beat Randy Orton in the main event when William Regal got schitzophrenia and came in and attacked Hunter as he was making the pin.  Triple H then hit the Pedigree on Regal to end a fun show.

2009 - Ring of Honor taped ROH on HDNet at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.  Mike Johnson filed the following results:

Ring of Honor presented the second set of their ROH on HD Net TV Tapings on Friday 4/9 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA

Dark Matches:

*Brandon Day vs. Shadow Phoenix - Phoenix scored the pin with a tornado DDT.

*Grizzly Redwood & ? beat The Set.

*Alex Payne defeated ? with a frankensteiner.


A table was set up in the ring as The American Wolves, with Shane Hagadorn, made their way to the ring.  Davey Richards said last time they were out here, they took out the golden boys of Kevin Steen and El Generico.  He said that they put Steen and Generico through a table and it's going to happen again.  When it does, The American Wolves will be the new ROH Tag Team champions.  Steen and Generico hit the ring and the Wolves left, abandoning Hagadorn.  Steen said that he thought Wolves ran in packs, but it looks like they only run in pairs.   Hagadorn begged for mercy, but Steen reminded him that he did help the Wolves kick his bad knee in, so they powerbombed him through a table.

Kenny King vs. Kenny Omega vs. Jay Briscoe (with Mark Briscoe)

Briscoe slapped both at the bell, then tossed Omega to the floor.  He whipped King into the ropes. nailed a clothesline and a leg lariat.  Omega returned and avoided several Briscoe moves before diving over the top to the floor on King.  Omega and Briscoe worked over King on the floor until he jumped onto the apron, then hit a forward flip onto them.  King tossed Omega into the ring and began working him over.  The crowd chanted Omega's name and King mocked them.  He choked Omega against the ropes, then locked on a surfboard.  That allowed Briscoe to hit a Mafia kick to the face, then a slam.  Briscoe nailed King with a STO into the turnbuckles.

Omega and Briscoe went back and forth briefly, but Briscoe tossed him out of the ring.  King ducked a Briscoe clothesline and hit a kick to the back of the head for a two count.  Omega broke it up but was taken out.  Briscoe and King went at each other again.  King choked Briscoe with a boot across the throat.  He and Jay exchanged punches in the middle of the ring and Omega hit a flying bodypress off the top onto both.  He nailed a double rana on both.  He preened for the crowd but was caught with a Briscoe lariat.  Jay set up for the Jay-Driller but King springboarded off the ropes into a Buff Blockbuster.  He scored a two count.

With all three men down, the crowd clapped to rally them.  King went to the top but Omega jumped him in the corner.  He set up King for a belly to back suplex but Briscoe got involved. Omega avoided him, then hit a back cracker off the ropes onto King for a two count, which Briscoe broke.  By this point, Omega was busted open in the nose while Jay had a cut above his eye.  He hit a death valley driver on Omega and went to the top but King kicked Briscoe, who fell to the floor.  King picked up Omega in a Toture Rack but Omega rolled through and then caught King in a bridged pin. 

Your winner, Kenny Omega!

Good match with some fun exchanges.  Omega and Briscoe got good reactions on the way out.

Irish Airborne vs. Dark City Fight Club

The fans chanted for the Fight lub.  Airborne put up a decent fight but Fight Club caught one of them coming off the top rope and nailed him with a double powerbomb.

Your winners, The Dark City Fight Club!

DCFC are starting to get over with the crowd since they are basically wrecking everyone they come into contact with.

Chris Hero (with Sara del Rey) vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston hit the ring and chased Hero outside and back in again.  He began unloading on Hero, who retreated again to the floor.  Kingston followed and choked Hero outside.   Hero pulled del Rey on front of him, which distracted Kingston enough to allow Hero to dropkick him in the head from the ring,  Hero nailed a back senton splash on the floor.  There was a loudly split crowd for the match.  Hero tossed Kingston back into the ring and kicked him in the face.  He began working over Kingston with chops, but Kingston fired back.  Hero nailed a big boot rebounding off the ropes.  Hero began choking Kingston and continued to beat him with chops.  Kingston begged him to keep coming.

Hero whipped Kingston into the ropes and as he rebounded, drilled him with an elbow.  Kingston nailed a kick to the face, then a suplex.  Kingston unloaded with a series of chops and a back drop driver.  He began beating down on Hero in the corner,  The referee kept trying to get him off but Kingston ignored him.  The referee DQ'd Kingston, so Kingston nailed the referee to a huge pop.

Your winner, by DQ, Chris Hero!

The crowd chanted, "You got f***ed up" as they carried referee Todd Sinclaire out.

Jimmy Jacobs & Brodie Lee vs. Necro Butcher & Delirious

All four brawled outside around the ring at the onset.  When Jacobs and Delirious got into the ring, they rang the bell.  Delirious worked over Jacobs, tossing him into the corner and then hitting a back senton splash.  Lee and Necro traded punches in the middle of the ring.  Necro backdropped Lee to the floor.  Delirious nailed a dive off the top to all three on the floor.  Necro set up two chairs in the ring facing each other and a third laying across them.  He attempted to suplex Jacobs off the top through them but Lee made the save.  He and Jacobs suplexed Necro off the top to the floor.

Delirious attacked Jacobs in the ring but Lee laid him out.  Delirious came back with several chops but was levied with a right hand.  Jacobs and Lee continued to double team Delirious but he kept kicking up.  Delirious fought back to his feet but was nailed with a neckbreaker.  Lee tagged in and drilled Delirious with a back elbow.  Delirious tried to pick up Lee for a slam but fell backwards and was nearly pinned.  Lee suplexed him over for another near fall.  Through all this, Necro was out on the floor.

Jacobs tagged in and came off the top but Delirious caught him with a driving headbutt to the mid-section in the air.    Lee cut him off with a boot to the face in the corner, then a Black Hole Slam.  Jacobs nailed a top rope senton splash.  Necro finally returned and began beating Lee with punches in the corner.  He went to bulldog Lee but Jacobs tossed thumbtacks across the mat so Necro ran across them barefoot.  Necro went down but scooped but tacks and threw them in Lee's face.  While Lee was blinded, Necro nailed him.  Lee went down on his hands and knees, allowing Delirious to nail a top rope splash across his back and score the pin.

Your winners, Necro Butcher & Delirious!


Rhett Titus vs. Roderick Strong

Roderick controlled the flow of the match early with armdrags.  Titus tried to throw him out of the ring but Strong caught himself on the apron and nailed a slingshot shoulderblock and then a leg lariat.  Strong continued to work over Titus.  Titus came back slamming him into the buckles and then used a series of punches.  He continued to beat down Strong, who came back with a series of chops.  Titus slammed Strong into the buckles then hit a splash in the corner.

Strong made a comeback with a backdrop and some monster chops.  He nailed a chokeslam into a backbreaker for a two count.  Titus tried to roll him up with a jackrabbit but Strong kicked out.  Titus clotheslined him for another two count.  Strong finally made a comeback and drilled him with a flying kick to the face.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

Daizee Haze vs. Sara del Rey vs. SHIMMER champion MsChif (Non-title)

MsChif screamed at them so del Rey leveled her then threw Haze out of the ring in a heap.  MsChif came back with an Octopus but before she could get a submission, Haze came off the top with a splash.  del Rey controlled the flow of the match early.  MsChif grabbed her leg, allowing Haze to dropkick her from behind out of the ring.  Haze then hit a splash dive from the top to the floor.   Jimmy Jacobs came out to distract the ref.    MsChif hit a legdrop DDT for the win on Haze.

Your winner, SHIMMER champ MsChif!

They did a lot but it didn't seem to click with the crowd.

Kyle Durden came out and said MsChif successfully defended her title (oops!) and asked her what her goals in ROH were.  Jimmy Jacobs said the Age of the Fall don't have goals just accomplishments and MsChif was going to be the arsenal in his army to take out Daizee Haze once and for all.

Erick Stevens vs. Sami Callahan

Callahan got some offense early on Stevens but Stevens had enough and bit him on the ear.  He went for a reverse rollup but as they rebounded, Callahan caught him with an elbow.  Callahan locked on an armbar but Stevens grabbed the ropes.  Callahan hit a running forearm in the corner but Stevens took him out.  He nailed the Choo Choo Charge and the Doctor Bomb for the pin.

Your winner, Erick Stevens!

ROH Tag Team champions Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The American Wolves - Tables Match

All four brawled around the ring.  The champions controlled the flow early.  They worked over Davey Richards until Eddien Edwards interfered.  It backfired on Edwards as now he was getting doubleteamed.  Steen went under the ring for a table and the crowd popped.  Generico whipped Richards into a table Steen held standing up at ringside, then repeated the feat with Edwards.  The Tag champs pulled the table into the ring.  They tried to whip Edwards into a table propped in a corner but he stopped himself short.  Steen suplexed him into another corner.  He went to the floor, where Generico laid him out.

Steen tried to toss Richards threw a table but was unable.  The Wolves came back to work over Steen's big knee by dropping him through a table on it.  The crowd got all over the Wolves and chanted for Steen.  Richards teased locking on a figure four but when everyone went "wooo" he gave them the finger instead.  The Wolves stomped the bad knee, then set another table up in a corner.

They beat down Steen in the corner as he continued to try and survive.  Generico returned from the floor, recovered and hit a flying bodypress on both.  Generico hit a nasty looking Michinoku Driver 2 on Edwards.  He then hit a tornado DDT out of the corner on Richards, followed by a moonsault to the floor on Edwards.   Richards tried to hit a rana on Steen, who caught him and powerbombed him through a table.  Steen hit a swanton on Richards followed by a Generico splash but Richards kicked up at two.

Generico and Steen stacked a pair of tables outside on the floor in almost the exact same spot where the late Flyboy Rocco Rock did the first ever double tables spot in August 1994 on Don E. Allen during a ECW TV taping.  The Wolves cut off Steen and worked him over with stereo kicks.    Richards went to the top as the crowd tried to rally Generico,  Richards missed a shooting star press off the top.  Generico slid under the bottom rope and caught Edwards with a spinning DDT on the floor.  He put Edwards on a table, then hit a top rope splash through the table. 

Steen locked Richards in a Sharpshooter but let it go when he saw Shane Hagadorn charging the ring.  He nailed the package piledriver on Hagadorn.  He placed Richards on a table as the Arena chanted, "This is awesome."  He went to the top for a moonsault but Richards was playing opossum and shoved him forward through the two stacked tables.  Generico attacked Richards but Edwards came from behind and got him on his shoulders.  Richards hit a bulldog DDT off the top through a table and scored the pin.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions, The American Wolves!

As the officials helped the former champs out, they received a nice round of applause.  That was one hell of a match!


Claudio Castagnoli & Ernie Osyris (with Prince Nana) vs. Colt Cabana & Brent Albright

Albright and Cabana worked over Osyris early with a double backdrop and several armdrags.  Cabana nailed an atomic drop, then used a unique pinfall combination for a two.  Claudio tagged in but Cabana twisted out of a leglock.  He began using lots of European style pinfall attempts.  Osyris tagged back in and rubbed his armpit in Colt's face.  Nana got on the apron as Colt made a comeback, distracting him long enough for Claudio to drill him with an uppercut.   

Cabana nailed a backdrop and tagged in Albright.  Albright cleaned house and nailed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Claudio finally retreated with a blind tag to Osyris.  Cabana nailed the Flying A*******.   He then cinched in his reverse Boston Crab for the submission win.

Your winners, Colt Cabana & Brent Albright!

Kyle Durden interviewed the winners and asked them how they felt.  Albright smooshed Osyris' dirty sneaker in Durden's face and asked how that felt.

Bobby Dempsey vs. Sal Rinauro

Dempsey was over like crazy and won a quick squash with the Death Valley Driver.

ROH champion Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black

They did the big fight ring introductions with everyone in the ring and ROH President Cary Silkin in the ring as well.  All four shook hands before the bout.  The crowd was pro-Danielson early. 

Aries slapped Lynn, which led to the other two working him over.  Aries powdered out of the ring and ran around on the floor like he had a big mental victory over the others.  When he turned a corner, Lynn nailed a flip dive off the apron.  This left Black and Danielson to go back and forth with Black getting the better of the exchange.  Lynn returned to the ring and shoulderblocked Black down.  Black faked a dropkick.  Lynn rolled him up for a two count, then nailed flying head scissors. 

Danielson returned to the ring and locked Lynn up in a leglock.  Meanwhile, Black and Aries battled in the aisle.  Lynn made his way to the ropes, forcing a break.  Danielson drilled him with an uppercut in the corner.  Lynn reversed a whip and hit a rana off the middle rope.  Before he could go for a cover, Aries raked his back and chest with his fingernails.  Lynn returned the favor.  Aries retreated to the floor.  Lynn followed.  They battled outside.

Inside, Black got the better of Danielson in a corner, but Danielson fired back with uppercuts and as knee to the gut.  Danielson cinched nin a bow and arrow, but as he lifted Black, Aries drilled him with a kneedrop.  Lynn rolled up Danielson in a small package for a two count.  Danielson drilled him, then tried to roll up Black, who was stomping Aries in a corner.

They did a nice nod to the Night the Line Was Crossed with all four men doing a sleeper followed by a quadruple jawbreaker.  Black locked on a figure four on Lynn.  Aries turned them over, then locked in a Camel Clutch on Lynn.  That was great.  Danielson broke up the exchange.  All four continued to go back and forth.  Aries drilled Lynn with a neckbreaker while he was in the ropes.  He locked in a stump puller but saw Black get on the apron and released it to nail him back down.

Aries continued to work over Lynn, hitting a running shoulderblock to the gut in the corner.    He drilled Lynn with a reverse stroke.  Danielson returned to the apron but Aries knocked him off.  Lynn made a comeback with a series of shoulderblocks but Aries knocked him to the floor.  He teased a dive but Danielson tripped him.  Aries knocked him to the floor, then teased diving on him, but Lynn tripped him.  Lynn hit the guillotine legdrop.  Black nailed a springboard clothesline on Aries.  Danielson rebounded off the ropes with a kneelift.

Danielson, Lynn and Black began exchanging strikes.  Lynn hit a sunset flip off the center turnbuckle onto Danielson, who had a waistlock on Black.  As Danielson flew black, he suplexed Black.  Danielson and Lynn went into a pinfall exchange.  Danielson bridged out of a Lynn pin attempt but Black hit a quebrada off the ropes.  He then went for the pin but Danielson bridged out on both Lynn and Black atop of him. 

Aries knocked Lynn out of the ring and then hit a back suplex on Danielson.  It was down to Black and Aries in the ring.  They exchanged chops.  Black whipped Aries into the ropes ane he used the momentum to nail a dive onto Lynn.  Black then did a flip dive on them both.  Black was tossed into the first row by Aries,  Danielson hit a sliding kick onto Aries, who flew into the front row.  Danielson then hit a dive into the crowd on them both but Aries avoided it.

Aries was the only man in the ring as the referee began counting everyone else out.  Lynn rolled back in at 19.

Aries grabbed Lynn for a suplex but Lynn reversed it into a backslide for a two count.  Lynn hit a twisting sunset flip out of the corner but Aries evaded it and drilled him with several kicks.  Aries hit the brainbuster and went for the pin but Lynn got his foot on the rope at two.  Aries went to the top for the 450 splash but missed it.  Black returned to the ring and hit the running powerbomb on Aries into Lynn in the corner.  He drilled Aries with a kick but Lynn broke up the pin.  The building chanted ROH.

With Aries and Lynn down, Danielsoin hit a belly to back suplex off the top on Black, landing on the others as they tried to get out of the way.  The building chanted, "This is awesome."  Dragon began stomping the face of Black and cinched in a triangle choke.  Lynn went to break it up but Aries rolled him up for a two and then cinched in an Oriental Torture Device.  Black powered Danielson up and powerbombed him onto Aries and Lynn.

All four returned to their feet and began exchanging strikes.  Black drilled Danielson with an enziguiri and a fisherman's buster for a two count when Lynn broke it up.  The fans chanted, "F*** you Lynn."   Lynn and Black grappled in the corner.  Aries nailed a dropkick to Lynn and went for the brainbuster.  Danielson broke it up and went for a suplex on Aries.  Lynn broke it up and nailed the cradle piledriver on Danielson for the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion Jerry Lynn!

A GREAT main event.

Notes: The next TV tapings will be 5/29 and 5/30 with Ric Flair appearing on the 29th and KENTA appearing both nights....The Arena is now selling a "Property of The Arena" T-shirt for $20....There were a lot of kids at the taping and you can see the company is trying to maximize that by selling action figures.  They should just market Delirious masks as well....They found a nice groove with these tapings as the formula seemed to be a squash, an angle building for the future, a "main event" bout and another solid competitive match underneath.  It worked.  If they can work out the audio issues (low crowd noise, mics picking up referee giving cues) that were in the first batch of episodes, this will be a fun six weeks.  They had a nice mix of wrestling and storyline.

2010 - Orlando Jordan announced on his twitter account that he's signed a new, long-term deal with TNA and noted, "I'm just getting started people."  He would be gone from the company within a year.

2011 - Former WWE executive and personality Shane McMahon was shown watching the golf Masters for several seconds. That appearance sent Twitter into a tizzy as he almost immediately began trending Worldwide.  McMahon's sports management firm had several clients competing in the tournament.

2012 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Hampton, Virginia and your announcers are Michael ‘He’s no Lord Alfred Hayes’ Cole, Booker ‘He’s no Bruno Sammartino’ T, and Josh ‘He is no Randy Savage’ Mathews.

We begin with footage from the most shocking breakup in wrestling history when Daniel Bryan made AJ Lee cry.

Mean Gene Okerlund is in the ring and he welcomes everyone to Smackdown. Gene brings out Sheamus. They shake hands before Gene gives Sheamus the mic. Sheamus thanks Gene and he says that it is an honor to be in the ring with a legend like Sheamus. He says that honor is an important word especially when you are a champion. He did not respect that code last week. Sheamus says that he let his emotions get the best of him last week and there is no excuse for his behavior.

Sheamus apologizes to Chad Patton and to the rest of the officials in the back. He says that he is sorry.

Sheamus says that they all make mistakes and we try to learn from their mistakes. He says that he learns the hard way. He learned . . .

He learned that John Laurinaitis’ music works on both shows.

John makes his way to the ring and he tells Sheamus that before he says another word, we will see what Sheamus did last week.

John wants to know who Sheamus thinks he is to put his hands on the referees. John says that he is going to take action. He wants Sheamus to publicly apologize to Chad Patton.

Sheamus tells John that he already apologized. John did not hear it so he wants to hear the apology again.

Sheamus apologizes again and John tells Sheamus to apologize to all of the referees.

Sheamus tells Johnny that he already did it, but John says that he did not hear it.

Sheamus apologizes to all of the referees again.

John tells Sheamus to apologize to the world and he apologizes.

John tells Sheamus that isn’t good enough. He says that Sheamus is on permanent probation. If Sheamus touches a referee, he is fired. John says that he is going to fine Sheamus $500,000. John wishes Sheamus luck in his match against Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio with his tag team partner, Mean Gene Okerlund.

Randy Orton’s shirt is in the locker room watching Randy. Bob tells Randy to watch out for Mark Henry. Randy thanks his dad and then goes to the ring. We go to commercial.


Match Number One: Randy Orton versus Mark Henry


They lock up and Henry sends Orton into the corner but Orton with punches. Henry sends Orton into the corner again and Orton moves out of the way and he chops and punches Henry. Henry with a head butt. Orton punches Henry but Henry with an Irish whip.

Orton punches Henry in the corner but Henry counters and hits a running power slam for a near fall.

We see Bob Orton watching in the back on the monitor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Henry works on the neck. Henry with a head butt to the neck and Orton is down. We go to footage from the break when Orton sent Henry into the ring steps on a drop toe hold only to see Henry hit a devastating clothesline.

Henry works on the head but Orton with punches. Henry with a head butt and slam followed by a splash for a near fall. Henry pushes Orton into the corner and he punches Orton in the corner. Henry with a splash into the corner. Henry with a second splash into the corner and Orton goes down so Henry gets a near fall on a cover. Henry misses a splash when Orton moves out of the way.

Orton with boots to Orton followed by two clotheslines. Orton with a kick and DDT for a near fall. Henry goes to the apron and Randy tries for the IEDDT after a few kicks. Henry gets back into the ring and Henry tries for the World’s Strongest Slam but he lifts Orton up too much so Randy is able to get to his feet. Orton tries for the RKO but Henry sends Orton to the floor.

Henry tries to send Orton into the ring post but Orton avoids it and he sends Henry into the post twice. Orton with a European uppercut and he returns to the ring.

Kane’s pyro goes off and Orton wonders where he is.

Orton appears on the TitanTron and he tells Randy that he told him that he needed to beat Randy at Wrestlemania to be whole again and to be the monster again. Last week, Orton proved that he could be every bit as savage as him. Orton showed why he is the Viper. He says that it would be a shame if it ended now. Kane says that he is having so much fun . . . the kind of fun that the entire family can enjoy.

We see Bob Orton out on the floor. Randy runs to the back to check on his dad. Orton looks through the back for his father and Kane. Nobody knows where Kane is. Randy sees his father on the ground and Kane attacks Orton with a pipe.

Kane squats over Randy and Bob and he says that he is a sucker for family reunions and then he leaves. We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at Kane’s comments to Randy Orton while an injured Bob Orton lays under Kane.

Tony Atlas and Ted DiBiase are watching the next squash match. Hillbilly Jim and Pat Patterson join in the watch the squash.


Match Number Two: Benny Camer versus Ryback


Ryback with a clothesline that almost flips Camer. Ryback with a running Samoan Drop for the three count.


Winner: Ryback


After the match, we go to the back for the laughing Legends, especially Tony Atlas.

Heath Slater is talking to Tyson Kidd about working as a team. He says that if they beat the Usos tonight, it will open doors for them. Heath says that he found a Hall of Fame manager who says that he could be the next Honky Tonk Man. Kidd wonders why he would think that is a good thing. Heath brings out Jimmy Hart. He says that they are a winning combination.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick Foley joins everyone at the announce table.


Match Number Three: Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd with Jimmy Hart versus The Usos


Tyson and Jimmy start things off. Jimmy with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Jimmy and Tyson alternate blocking hip tosses. Slater tags in when Tyson tries for a rollup. Slater tells Kidd to get out of the ring. Jimmy misses a splash into the corner and Heath hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Slater with a reverse chin lock.

Jey tags in and he hits a clothesline followed by a kick to the knee and a thrust to the throat. Jey with a spinning forearm followed by a running butt splash for a near fall that is broken up by Kidd. Tyson falls victim to an Alley Oop Samoan Drop.

Foley gets up from the announce table with Mr. Socko. Slater falls victim to an alley oop Samoan drop from Jey and then Jimmy tags in for the Superfly splash and the three count.


Winners: The Usos


After the match, Hart yells at Slater and then Heath sees Foley in the ring and he moves while Foley gives Hart the Mandible Claw.

We see the footage of Daniel Bryan getting rid of the best thing to happen to him last week. What will happen when Daniel Bryan steps into Piper’s Pit?

We go to commercial.

We are back and do you have your bagpipes ready for Piper’s Pit?

Roddy makes his way to the ring and he says that he misses everyone. He says that tonight on Piper’s Pit, he has a man named Daniel Bryan. He is a man who lost the World Title at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds and he blames it on his girlfriend. Piper has some footage for the Footage Man to show.

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and the fans chant ‘Yes’.

Piper says that Bryan seems very happy for a man who lost the World Title in 18 seconds.

Daniel says that he just had a meeting with Mr. Laurinaitis and he was granted his return match for the World Championship. Daniels says that Sheamus will not be able to fluke his way out of this one. Not only does he want to pin Sheamus, he wants to make the Great White tap out. Now he can do both because at Extreme Rules, they will have a two-out-of-three falls match. Bryan says that the reason why he lost the title, AJ, will be nowhere to be found.

Roddy says that AJ is in the building and he says that he likes AJ. Since it is his show, he brings out AJ.

AJ says that she cannot believe that she is on Piper’s Pit. She says hello to Daniel and Roddy wonders why she is saying hello to him after what we saw.

She says that she knows what it looked like but deep down, Daniel is a good person. He tells AJ that this is Piper’s Pit where the politically correct answers are left at the door. This is a person who dumped her in front of the WWE Universe. A guy who called her dead weight. A guy who said that she is the kiss of death.

AJ says that it was her fault. She says that she made a mistake at Wrestlemania and she is so so sorry. She says that if they could talk, they can work it out. She knows that she can make it up to him.

Piper says that he has been watching AJ since her debut and he saw her get knocked down by the Big Show. He says that AJ is smart to be here. Roddy tells AJ that she is beautiful and she does not have to do anything to make up to Daniel. He tells her that Daniel is using her.

Daniel says that he has had enough of Roddy dragging his name through the dirt.

Daniel tells AJ that if she really loves him, she will leave the ring right now.

Roddy tells AJ that she doesn’t have to listen to Daniel.

AJ leaves the ring and Daniel has a smile on his face.

Piper tells Bryan that he is not finished with him. Piper mentions the ‘Yes Yes Yes’ on his shirt and since he has three daughters, he tells Bryan a few ‘nos’. You don’t tell a lady to shut up. You don’t yell at a lady. You don’t use a lady as a human shield to protect yourself because that is a coward. Piper says that Bryan is a coward.

Roddy says that he will be at Extreme Rules to see Sheamus kick Daniel’s head off his shoulders not once, but twice.

Daniel says that at Extreme Rules, the fact that he is better than Sheamus will slap him and everyone else across the face. Bryan slaps Piper and leaves the ring.


Match Number Four: The Bellas and Drew McIntyre versus Natalya, Alicia Fox, and Great Khali


Drew and Khali start things off and they lock up. Khali sends Drew to the mat and then he clohtelsines Drew, forcing him to tag in Nikki. Drew says that he is better than this and he leaves.

Alicia and Nikki with flying hair pull take downs. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for the three count.


Winners: Great Khali, Alicia Fox, and Natalya


After the match, there is a new dance partner for Khali, Alicia, and Natalya. Mae Young makes her way out to the stage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Damien Sandow talks about sophistication and he says that he embodies all of these qualities. He talks about how social media is not a sign of sophistication. It is proof of the moral decay. People do not read novels. Instead people are linked to mantras of 140 characters or less. He says that he will be the mantra for people to follow.

We see footage from earlier tonight when Randy Orton was attacked by Kane while looking for Bob.

Josh mentions that Bob suffered abdominal injuries.

It is time for the Raw Rebound.

Gene Okerlund is in the locker room with Sheamus and he says that he doesn’t like their chances. Sheamus says that they are probably not going to win tonight. Gene wonders how Sheamus could be smiling. Sheamus says that he is not going to let John see him sweat. Sheamus says that if they survive tonight, the first pint is on him.

Sheamus says that they will either drink to remember or drink to forget.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Five: Jim Duggan versus Hunico with Camacho


Duggan punches Hunico and Hunico goes to the floor. Duggan goes to the floor and Camacho gets in the way. Duggan calls for reinforcements and it is Sergeant Slaughter.

Hunico returns to the ring and Slaughter throws the 2x4 to Duggan. Duggan hits Hunico and Camacho and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Hunico


After the match, Slaughter puts Hunico into the Cobra Clutch and it is time for a few USA chants.

We get to take a look back at the pep talk from Sheamus in case you missed it or forgot it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring but he is dressed for action. Cody asks if we are calling this night a Blast from the Past. He says that this is a waste of our collective times. It is time to talk about a future where he is Intercontinental Champion again. A future where Big Show does not live on a fluke of a punch. A future where the legends do not waste our time.

Cody is interrupted by the man who is Funky Like a Monkey and the man who is going to talk to HIS THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

Cody tells Dusty that it does not concern him in the least.

Dusty says that it does concern him. He tells Cody that he came into this industry as the most talented wrestler since Shawn Michaels. Then he wanted to poke the grizzly bear in the Big Show.

Cody tells Dusty that he is embarrassing him. They can talk about this in the back. Cody leaves the ring but Big Show’s music plays.

Show comes out and he throws out an Eef Ya Wheel. He says that Cody has had a number of embarrassing moments recently, but he is not going to do that tonight. Tonight, he is going to show the real Cody Rhodes. It is time for a look back at the Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips.

Show says that is embarrassing and then he leaves.

Cody does not know what to do and he leaves the ring and walks to the back, but he stops when his father’s music plays and Dusty starts to dance.

We go to commercial.

We get Hall of Famer Howard Finkel to introduce Gene Okerlund.


Match Number Six: Sheamus and Mean Gene Okerlund versus Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez


Sheamus and Del Rio start off and Del Rio with kicks but Sheamus with a back elbow and he goes after Bryan but Daniel gets to the floor. Del Rio with a kick to Sheamus and then Bryan tags in and he kicks Sheamus. Bryan with more kicks to the chest. Sheamus with a forearm but Bryan with more kicks. Del Rio tags back in and he kicks Sheamus.

Del Rio with a front face lock but Sheamus with punches and a back body drop. Bryan tags in and he kicks Sheamus. Sheamus with a double sledge. Del Rio tries to interfere but Sheamus sends him to the floor. Bryan with a drop kick that sends Sheamus to the floor and Del Rio with a kick to the head.

Gene gets into the ring and Del Rio and Bryan surround him and Ricardo joins in. Ricardo mocks Gene.

Roddy Piper’s music plays and he leads the Gray Panthers to the ring and Del Rio leaves the ring. Bryan gets in Piper’s face and Bryan turns around into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the three count.


Winners: Sheamus and Mean Gene Okerlund


After the match, everyone gets to beat up Ricardo Rodriguez.

Michael Cole comes into the ring and he wants everyone to give it up for the WWE Legends and he wants a photo op before they go to the retirement home. Cole begs for mercy but Pat Patterson punches Cole and he goes to the floor.

We go to credits.

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