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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-08 09:57:05
The Rock noted on Twitter last night that his reality series "Hero" has finished filming in advance for its debut on TNT this summer. Rock will host and play mentor to the contestants on the series.

Unless something changes, Rock is not slated to return to WWE TV until the final two Raw episodes before Wrestlemania. So for the next month leading into Mania, half of it will be without the WWE champion who's headlining the show. WWE creative has their work cut out for them.

Charlotte, NC NBC affiliate WKGW interviewed Ric Flair about visiting North Korea well before Dennis Rodman famously did last week. Flair wrestled Antonio Inoki in the main event of what was aired here in the United States on PPV as "Collision in Korea". Here's the interview:

Comedian Amy Schumer told The Chicago Tribune that Dolph Ziggler didn't mind her discussing their former relationship on The Howard Stern Show and that she had his blessing ahead of time. Unfortunately for Ziggler, his mother and aunt heard about the interview, which he didn't consider ahead of time. Still, Schumer said she and Ziggler remain friendly. To read the interview, click here.

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