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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-20 08:00:00

November 20th

On this day in history in

1990 - WCW Clash Of The Champions XIII, nicknamed "Thanksgiving Thunder" was held in Jacksonville, Florida at the Jacksonville Coliseum. Here are the results of the show, which aired live on TBS: 
- In a dark match, Barry Horowitz defeated Mike Thor.
- The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin) defeated The Southern Boys (Tracey Smothers & Steve Armstrong when Hayes pinned Smothers with a DDT after he was tripped by Rocky King (who was working as the Freebirds' "roadie"). 
- A Sting interview was interrupted by the voice of the Black Scorpion coming over the speakers in the arena. 
- Brian Pillman defeated Buddy Landell with a flying bodypress.
- Big Cat (Curtis Hughes) defeated Brad Armstrong via submission with a bearhug.
- Tom Zenk defeated Brian Lee with a top rope dropkick.
- Michael Wallstreet (Rotundo) defeated The Starbazer (Tim Horner under a mask) with a Samoan Drop, called the "Stock Market Crash".
- Sgt. Krueger (Ray "Doink" Apollo) & Col. DeKlerk (Ted "Rocco Rock" Petty) defeated The Beast & Kaluha when DeKlerk pinned The Beast.
- Lex Luger defeated The Motor City Madman with a clothesline. 
- Chris & Mark Youngblood defeated The Nasty Boys via DQ, and the Steiner Brothers ran in to beat up the Nasties.
- Sid Vicious defeated The Nightstalker (Bryan Clarke).
- NWA United States Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Magnum Force in under two minutes when Scott pinned Magnum Force #1. The Nasty Boys then came out to attack the Steiners.
- A ridiculously bad segment where Paul E. Dangerously attempted to interview Sting and the Black Scorpion came out and did magic tricks. Seriously.
- Ric Flair defeated Butch Reed when Arn Anderson hit Reed with a chairshot. As a result, the Four Horsemen received a World Tag Team Title match with Doom at Starrcade. 

2000 - Chuck Palumbo & Sean Stasiak defeat Elix Skipper (subbing for an injured General Rection) & Alex Wright for the WCW World Tag Team Title in August, Georgia, beginning their second reign as champions.

2002 - Jeff Jarrett defeats Ron Killings for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Nashville, Tennessee during an NWA:TNA Pay-per-view. This was the first NWA World Title win for Jarrett in TNA.  Jarrett would go on to hold the title a total of six times.

2007 - Kristal Marshall posted the following statement regarding her release from World Wrestling Entertainment on her website, confirming's report several weeks earlier that she was released after turning down a storyline where she would turn out to be responsible for Teddy Long's "heart attack" during their wedding. The storyline would have revealed that Marshall's entire romance to him would have been a ruse pulled off by Edge to get revenge on Long for stripping him of the WWE World title.  Marshall would have then been placed with Edge in a role similar to that of Amy "Lita" Dumas during Dumas' last run with WWE:

This is way over due. First off the reason why I was released was because I did not want to do a morally degrading storyline that was already done, plain and simple.  

Lita was in my opinion the greatest female wrestler of all time (next to Jazz). Lita revolutionized the world of wrestling. She showed that women could be strong, beautiful, and be a draw in the sexiest world of wrestling. She had little girls watching her wanting to become an athlete instead of a princess when they grew up. She was also one of the few women who wrestled men. With blood, sweat, tears and a broken neck later, she earned the respect of everyone in the wrestling business. So the WWE had the bright idea of turning her personal business into a public free for all. Sure that "storyline" transformed a well-loved babyface into a huge heel, but at whose expense? Look at how Trish retired; now look at how Lita retired. On the day of Lita's retirement, the fans didn't just boo her because she had heat; they booed her because despite all that she contributed to women's wrestling, all that they seemed to remember about her was the "slutty" vamp she played on TV.

I am nowhere as accomplished as she was, so imagine what that type of role would have done to me. I have seen a lot of people sell their souls to this business for whatever reason, but I stand strong to what I believe in. I feel like now that I am not in the WWE there is a lot of b.s. talk of me being a difficult person or having a huge ego, believe what you want that is not the case.
I just want to thank all of the fans that supported me through everything. I also want to thank some really cool people who genuinely saw potential in my talent, and who helped train me: Dave Finlay, Booker T, Queen Sharmell and their Pro Wrestling Academy. I will be re-launching my new myspace page shortly so watch out for that, there will be some very important news posted there very shortly.

2007 - Matt Hardy underwent an emergency appendectomy.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Welcome to tonight's ECW on Sci Fi live coverage from Tampa, Florida.  For those of you looking for Smackdown spoilers, we have brief, quick results on the main page of the site.  The Nasty Boys even worked a dark match.

They show a "Thanksgiving feast" set up at ringside, so perhaps we are getting a Nunzio vs  Tommy Dreamer holiday rematch from Halloween?

ECW champion CM Punk made his way to the ring.  They show the finish to the ECW title match at the Survivor Series PPV.  That was a fun match. 

ECW champion CM Punk vs. Kenny Dykstra

It's an OVW alumni classic.  This could be really good.  Punk snapmares Kenny over and kicks him in the back, then nails a legdrop for a near fall.  Punk works over Kenny's arm.  Punk goes for the GTS but Kenny escapes and nails a clothesline. 

Kenny begins working over Punk with elbows and cinches in a rear chinlock, using his knee for leverage by placing it between Punk's shoulderblades.  He manhandles Punk back to the mat when the ECW champion tries to escape and adds to the leverage by pulling back on Punk's neck.  The crowd chants for Punk briefly as he escapes with a jawbreaker.    Kenny takes over with a ton of aggression, laying in a series of punches before going back to the rear chinlock.  Kenny is really working it hard, not just holding it like Randy Orton does.  Punk tried to roll through but Kenny holds on. 

Dykstra turns it into a side headlock.  He drives Punk into the corner and plants him on the top turnbuckle.  He goes for a suplerplex but Punk shoves him off.  Punk nails a flying bodypress off the top for a two count.  Punk nails a leg lariat for another two count.  Punk hits a springboard clothesline into the ring for another near fall.

Punk hits the running knee in the corner but is shoved off and run shoulder-first into the ringpost when he attempted the bulldog.  Dykstra goes to the top but Punk crotches him with a dropkick to the ankle.  Punk nails him with GTS and scores the pin.

Your winner and still ECW champion, CM Punk.

Good, solid match.  The matwork was better than most you see in WWE these days.  Dykstra was working like he had something to prove and looked good.  These two mesh well together.

They aired footage of Kane laying out Matt Striker last week.

Elijah Burke came to the ring and said he was the man who led the charge to change ECW and would do so again.  He said that he's invited one of the greatest athletes in WWE to come to ECW and raise the bar - Shelton Benjamin.  I like this!  Joey Styles and Tazz put over Benjamin as the newest member of the ECW roster and Charlie Haas is left in the cold.  Again.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Shelton Benjamin

Dreamer was wearing a bright yellow "VH-1 Rock of Love" style bandanna.  Benjamin nailed him with an inside trip and took right over on Dreamer.  Benjamin worked over Dreamer with a series of fast elbow drops and yelled for him to get back up.  Benjamin scored a number of quick two counts.  Benjamin crimped the neck of Dreamer, who fought his way back to his feet.  He choked Dreamer against the ropes.  There was a small "Tommy Dreamer" chant.  Benjamin scored another near fall.

Benjamin snapped Dreamer backwards into a backbreaker.  Dreamer began fighting back with some Dusty Rhodes-style clubbering punches.  He nailed Benjamin with a faceplant.  Benjamin tried to nail a T-Bone suplex but Dreamer fought his way out.  He went to the middle rope but was legsweeped off.  Benjamin nailed a bulldog style DDT and scored the clean pin.  It was designed to put over Benjamin all the way with very little for Dreamer. 

We returned with Deuce and Domino in the ring with Cherry.  WWE Tag Team champions John Morrison and The Miz came out to do commentary.  Oh no, not again! Morrison gave Tazz a t-shirt but told Joey he didn't have one for him because they only come in "adult sizes."  Jesse and Festus come to the ring, so it's a Smackdown tag match on ECW.

Jesse & Festus vs. Deuce & Domino

Jesse and Deuce started with Jesse getting a quick near fall with a schoolboy.  He dropkicked Deuce in the knee, then nailed a punch.  Domino tagged in but was armdragged over.  Jesse missed a back splash senton.   Miz and Morrison both claimed Cherry was checking them out.  Neither seemed annoyed at losing at Survivor Series.  Deuce worked over Jesse, who was unable to make the tag to Festus.  Jesse fought his way to his feet but Domino blocked his punches and then drilled Jesse's face with a knee strike.  Jesse finally got the tag on Festus, who destroyed Deuce and Domino.  Morrison and Miz both agreed they needed to keep Festus out of the ring. They nailed the Rocket Launcher on Domino, Fantastics style, for the pin.  OK tag match.

Your winners, Jesse and Festus!

Backstage, Matt Striker said that he warned Kane last week that if he laid a finger on him last week, he'd have to deal with Big Daddy V.  He said tonight was about retribution and he was thankful for V.  He said V would take out Kane tonight and prove he was the most dominant force in WWE.

They plugged we'd see footage of Layla El and Kelly Kelly getting into a fight last week after ECW went off the air.

They air a Survivor Series video package.

They announce The Cutting Edge will return to Smackdown Friday with WWE World champion Batista as the guest.

Kevin Thorn, sans his goth look, now tanned with spiked black hair and wearing a black singlet, came to the ring.  Joey Styles and Tazz pointed out the new look.

Nunzio vs. Kevin Thorn

Thorn immediately laid out Nunzio, mounted him and rained punches down on Nunzio.  He nailed Nunzio with a flapjack.  He picked up Nunzio and used an over the shoulder backbreaker, before snapping Nunzio down to the mat.  He picked up Nunzio and charged him into the corner, then nailed the Original Sin for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Thorn!

We saw the backstage fight with the girls.  There was lots of bad acting followed by a pair of stiff slaps.  They then scuffled while pouring milk and sugar on each other.  Much ado about nothing.

They show rock band Seether at ringside.

Layla El comes out and says she's thankful she's got a better body than Kelly Kelly.  I am too.  She says she's got a match with Kelly next week and will meet her again.  Kelly comes out and puts a pie in her face.  Food fight with the Divas time.  It was completely hokey as they stood there allowing each other to pour things over each other.  Tazz asked if there were any yams on the table.  That cracked me up.  They finally started cat fighting as two very lucky referees tried to break them up.

Raw Rebound pushing Chris Jericho's return.  They did a hell of a job on that video feature.

Big Daddy V & Matt Striker vs. Kane

Striker and V attacked Kane as soon as the bell rang.  Kane leveled Striker with a punch.  Kane hit Striker with a big boot and went for a double chokeslam but V escaped and nailed a belly to belly suplex on Kane.  V splashed Kane's back.  V smothered Kane with his mass while locking on a rear chinlock.  Striker trashtalked Kane but V caught him by the throat.  V rescued Striker.  He laid out Kane and then allowed Striker to nail an elbow and attempt several pins.  Kane fought back but V beat him into one of the corners.  Kane ducked a double clothesline, then nailed an uppercut on V.  He went to the top and clotheslined V off the ropes.  Striker broke up the pin.  Kane grabbed him for a sideslam, but V broke up the pinfall attempt.  Kane ducked a V charge and nailed him with a kick to the face, sending him to the floor.  Kane chokeslammed Striker and pinned him.  V attacked Kane and laid him out after the bell. 

2008 - World Wrestling Entertainment informed the United States District Court of Georgia that they had come to a settlement agreement with two of the three defendants in the company's lawsuit against Wrestlemania 23 sponsor 360 OTC, which was identified as the Wrestlemania 23 presenting sponsor and billed as the "Official Pain Relief" for the event.

World Wrestling Entertainment filed a lawsuit on 1/11/08 in Georgia against Air, Sea and Ground, Inc., Rockford-Montgomery Labs, Inc. and the IAHL Corporation (formerly Three Sixty, Inc) alleging that after coming to terms with the company to be the sponsor for the company's 2007 flagship pay-per-view event in Detroit, they became delinquent in payments of agreed upon fees while continuing to portray themselves as having a relationship with WWE via their website.

WWE's lawsuit alleged they were to be paid a fee of $1,000,000 as part of the Mania 23 sponsorship.  The filing listed a gross payment of $1,176,470.59 due the company at the time of filing. WWE, cited at the time the lawsuit was filed that it "fully performed its obligations under the Sponsorship Agreement", alleged that the defendants, "willfully, intentionally and repeatedly refused to make the fee payments to WWE as required under the Sponsorship Agreement despite WWE's requests for such payment and many assurances from ASGI that payment would be made."  The lawsuit also alleged that while the defendants acknowledged they owed payment, they "continued to refuse" to make payments.  The defendants then refused to remove WWE-related material from their website after being directed to do so by WWE in September 2007.

In their Motion for Consent Judgment, WWE informed the court that Air, Sea and Ground and Rockford-Montgomery had responded to WWE's claims via their respective counsel and informed the court that the sides had come to terms on a settlement agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment receiving a total of $925,000 between the two entities.  The two defendants have also agreed that they are permanently prohibited from using or exploiting any and all aspects of WWE's intellectual properties and trademarks. 

WWE told the court that this would fulfill their claims in the lawsuit in relation to two of the three listed defendants.  The IAHL Corporation (formerly Three Sixty, Inc) still has yet to respond to WWE's lawsuit in any form.  World Wrestling Entertainment informed the court that they intend to file a Motion for Entry of Default and for a Default Judgment and that order, if issued, would resolve all of their claims in the matter.

2008 - The theatrical trailer for Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" was released.

2008 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin tonight’s show with a look back at the short time that Christian Cage was in the Suit Crew when he was welcomed and shunned in a few minutes. We also see what Scott Steiner did last week to Petey Williams. We get our first WWE reference of the night, but does it count since it was a recap?

We see a hearse in the parking lot and Kurt Angle says that they are going to give Christian Cage a proper burial.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Duck’ Tenay and Don ‘Boost’ West.

A casket is being rolled to the ring. The casket is followed by the mourners who were the ones who finished him off last week. We see the footage one more time.

Kurt Angle has the mic and he says that they are here to give Christian Cage his final and proper burial. Kurt reminds us that Christian Cage refused to make the commitment to the group and TNA as a company. As a result, they had no other choice to beat Christian within an inch of his life to send him to the WWE in an ambulance. He tells everyone in the back to consider that as a warning. Kurt says that he is getting ready for his match against Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution and he asks anyone if they have some final words for Christian.

Rhino comes out and he has something to say. He says that if any of them had a problem with Christian about leaving TNA, they should have done it in the back, one-on-one in the back. Rhino says that he has a problem with when you jump his friend and leave him for dead, he won’t stand for that.

Nash says that there isn’t anyone out here who gives a damn about what he will or will not stand for. Rhino tells Nash to respect him since he is a veteran. Nash says that he will show respect to the people who show him respect and Christian did not show respect. Rhino says that they are a bunch who are afraid to lose their spot and their fat contracts. They are afraid to lose their job to a younger generation. He says that he sees a bunch of pu***** and he calls Booker the biggest one of them all.

Booker tells Rhino that he comes out talking a lot of crap from up der. He tells Rhino that he has the balls the size of his chihuahua. He tells Rhino to say it in their face. Rhino runs to the ring and he is beaten down by the guys in suits. Booker hits Rhino with his belt. Rhino is bleeding and Angle punches him in the forehead to make things worse.

We see Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett watch from the back while Rhino is placed in the casket.

TO THE BACK where Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. Mick says that he was there with DX and the nWo. Jeff says that he did not accept Angle’s challenge. Jeff says that Mick did not come aboard for this. Jeff wants Mick to make the announcement for the main event at Final Resolution. We go to commercial.

We are back and then we are gone for a local commercial.

We are back and A.J. Styles is telling Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin to settle everything in the ring. Mick arrives and he tells A.J. and Joe that Alex is right. They don’t have the authority to make matches, but he does. There will be a tag team match with A.J. and Joe facing the Motor City Machine Guns.

Match Number One: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val versus Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal
Dutt charges at Lethal but Lethal moves out of the way. Tanahashi double teams Lethal, but Creed trips Tanahashi. Lethal with a handspring back elbow. Val distracts Jay on the apron and that allows Dutt to attack Lethal from behind. Dutt with a drop kick to the knees and Tanahashi with a somersault splash and a near fall. Tanahashi brings Creed into the ring and the ref sends him back. Lethal with a drop kick to Tanahashi and they are both down. Creed and Dutt tag in and Creed with punches and a swinging neck breaker. Creed with a punch to Dutt followed by a super kick to Tanahashi. Dutt with a jawbreaker to Creed. Dutt with a kick to Creed in the corner and then Dutt tries for a springboard moonsault into an inverted DDT, but Creed catches Dutt and hits a TKO for the three count.
Winners: Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal

TO THE BACK where Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Kip James are with Lauren. Lauren mentions that Christy has gotten a tag team partner tonight and it is Sojourner Bolt. Velvet wonders what a Sojourner Bolt is and they make fun of her name. Angelina wonders why Christy is still trying to play wrestler. She says that the wrestling ring is not a strip club. She says that there are no poles and no champagne rooms. We go to commercial.

We are back and Suicide is probably coming soon.

Mike says that Feast or Fired is back at Final Resolution. We see a video package.

We are in Jim Cornette’s office. He tells Shane Sewell that his wrestling days were over when he signed as a referee. He cannot beat up Bashir if he does not like him to cost Bashir his title. Shane is told to give the title belt back to Bashir. Bashir is told to leave. Cornette tells Shane that he is on probation and he better not go over his head to complain to Foley or Jarrett. Cornette tells Eric that he will give him a title match against Booker T. Eric says that he will try to take something from the mafia.

Match Number Two: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love with Kip James versus Christy Hemme and Sojourner Bolt
Bolt and Angelina start things off. Bolt with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Angelina with a bicycle kick to Bolt and she punches Bolt. Velvet tags in and they hit a double elbow drop for a near fall. Velvet slams Bolt’s head into the mat and then Christy is drawn in while Angelina attacks Bolt. Bolt with a cross body for a near fall but Velvet with a kick to the midsection. Velvet chokes Bolt and then hits a curb stomp. Velvet with a sleeper but Bolt with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Christy and Angelina tag in and Christy with a clothesline to Angelina and a flying double sledge to Velvet. Christy drives Angelina to the mat. Christy with a matrix and kicks to Velvet. Kip gets on the apron and Christy slaps Kip. Angelina with a leaping flatline for the three count.
Winners: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky

After the match, Kip almost mounts Christy on the mat.

It is time for Rough Cut with LAX. This time we find out about Homicide. He mentions that he was an altar boy. He talks about his family. He talks about how his mother started him watching wrestling. He talks about how he wrestled a match with a bullet wound.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the debut of ODB’s Angle. Her first guest is Sharmell. Sharmell says that ODB could use some tips from Booker’s designer. Sharmell asks for some Dom Perignon. ODB suggests that Sharmell is named after toilet paper. Sharmell explains what her name means. Time for the question about Sharmell’s choice of underwear. ODB asks about the Spinaroonie. Sharmell says that she wants to talk about Booker and his friends. ODB says that A.J. and Joe made this company. Sharmell says that they might have started the company, but they did not make it. ODB and Sharmell almost get into a fight and ODB suggests that they have a match at the pay per view.

Don and Mike go through the rest of the show.

Jeremy is with Kurt Angle and the Pips. Kurt has a suggestion for the main event. Kurt tells Matt and Abyss, wrong place at the wrong time. The domination will continue tonight. Kurt’s main events for Mick Foley are him versus Jeff Jarrett. The other match would be the winner of the match between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe versus the Motor City Machine Guns. The winner of the match can pick two partners to face the Pips at Final Resolution. Then they can be made at the pay per view just like Christian and Rhino.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Petey Williams and how he is on his own (cue the opera music and Bohemian Rhapsody . . . whoops, that is for someone allegedly heading to the WWE).

Mike says that Petey Williams is out indefinitely due to a concussion.

Match Number Three: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley versus Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles
Sabin and Shelley go after Joe and Styles as the bell rings but Styles and Joe are able to fight back and Joe sends Shelley to the floor. Joe sets for the suicide dive but Shelley gets back into the ring. Shelley with a back kick to Joe from the apron. Shelley holds the ropes up for Sabin and he hits a suicide dive onto Joe. Styles with a leaping back elbow that knocks Shelley to the floor and then Styles hits a somersault plancha onto Shelley and Sabin. We go to commercial.

We are back and Joe and Shelley are in the ring. Shelley hits a flatline with help from Sabin who hits a springboard drop kick to Joe’s back. Shelley makes the cover but Styles was with the referee so no count was made. Sabin tags in and they kick Joe. Sabin kicks Joe and punches him but Joe responds with chops. Joe with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot. Sabin tries for tornado DDT, but Joe pushes him off and then hits a power slam and both men are down. Styles and Shelley tag in and Shelley with a chop but A.J. with the phenomenal drop kick. A.J. goes to the apron and then he hits the springboard forearm. Styles sets for the Styles Clash but Sabin with an enzuigiri. Shelley tries for Sliced Bread #2 but Styles escapes the hold. Joe with a splash into the corner followed by the enzuigiri. Sabin with a springboard clothesline but Styles with a kick and chop. Sabin with a back kick to A.J. and then Sabin and Shelley with double team kicks to Styles. Sabin gets Styles on his shoulders but A.J. gets to his feet. Styles sends Sabin into the ropes and that crotches Shelley. Styles hits the Pele on Sabin and then Joe hits a clothesline on Sabin. Styles with the Styles Clash to Shelley for the three count.
Winners: A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe

After the match, while Joe and Styles celebrate in the ring, Kurt Angle and Booker T attack them in the ring while Kevin Nash eventually makes his way to the ring for the three-on-two beat down. Steiner and Sting come out in their suits. Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Joe followed by a jackknife power bomb from Nash to Styles. Booker with a axe kick to Joe while Sting watches from ringside.

Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal run right past Sting and go into the ring where Lethal punches Nash while Booker and Angle take care of Creed. Booker with a back heel kick to Creed. After Steiner helps Nash with Lethal, Nash gives Lethal a jackknife power bomb. Angle gives Creed an Olympic Slam as the nWo . . . The nExt Generation finishes them off. Angle puts Lethal in the ankle lock.

Raisha Saeed asks Traci Brooks if she has a new victim for Kong and Traci says that nobody wants to get into the ring with her. Traci calls Kong an animal and she says that whoever gets in the ring with Kong could suffer a career ending injury. Saeed says that if Kong’s appetite is not fed, she will feed on innocent civilians. They keep their promise tonight. We go to commercial.

We are back and we go to the locker room where Lauren is with the M*A*S*H* crew who are licking their wounds from earlier. Before Lauren can provide her oral history of the last match, we see Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley slide into the room and Rhino comes in after them. Rhino tells everyone to shut up. Rhino says that he has been fighting the same fight. Rhino talks about the scars and the past wars. He talks about joining with some other soldiers to build a little company called ECW. He cares about this company and everyone in the locker room. Rhino points out that A.J. has been there since day one and he has been a champion before. Rhino tells Joe that Joe knows what it is like to wrestle your heart out and bleed in front of 100 people. Rhino says that Joe knows what it is like to crawl to the top and be a champion. Rhino talks about bleeding with men who are willing to fight and die for what you believe in. Rhino says that he will fight to the end with them and he will not let them down.

Match Number Four: Booker T with Sharmell versus Eric Young for the Legends Title
They lock up and Booker backs Young into the ropes and he makes a clean break. They lock up again and Booker with a hammer lock and Eric with a reversal and Booker gets to the ropes. Booker with a knee to the midsection followed by a chop. Booker with an Irish whip but Young floats over and he hits an arm drag into an arm bar. Booker with a chop to Young. Booker misses a clothesline but Eric with an arm drag into an arm bar. Booker with a knee to the midsection. Booker misses the back heel kick when Young ducks out of the way. Young with punches to Booker but Booker hot shots Eric.

Booker hits the back heel kick and then Booker hits a super kick but he can only get a two count. Booker with an arm bar but Eric gets out of the hold. Eric with punches to Booker but Booker with a thumb to the eyes followed by a reverse chin lock. Young with a back elbow and clothesline to Booker followed by a slam for a near fall. Booker misses the axe kick and Young hits the Death Valley Driver but Booker kicks out at two. Young’s leg is grabbed by Sharmell and Booker attacks him from behind. Booker hits the axe kick for the three count.
Winner: Booker T

After the match, ODB comes out to check on Eric. Sharmell and ODB have some words.

TO THE BACK where Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett. Jeff asks Mick if he has it, and Mick says that he has it, but he is not sure if Kurt Angle is going to like it. Jeff says that he does not give a damn what Kurt likes or dislikes. If Kurt makes a move towards Foley, he is coming out to help Mick. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Team 3D. Jeremy asks them about their problems with Storm and Roode. Devon says that those boys don’t know who they are messing with. He says that Storm and Roode have been together for about six minutes and wonder if they can hang with the big dogs. He will give them their fifteen minutes. They have done more in an hour than Storm and Roode have in their entire careers. He says that they are the baddest tag team on the planet. If they wanted to play, all they had to do was ask.

Ray says that Obama wins and Devon has been talking more than ever. Ray turns his attention to the Fifth Dimension. He asks how they can be the greatest faction of champions if you don’t have the greatest tag team by their side. Ray says that they have more world titles than anyone in that group.

Ray then talks to Storm and Roode. He says that they have been sticking their noses in their business for two months. Storm and Roode have cost them matches and the number one contender spot. He says that their day is coming.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash versus Matt Morgan and Abyss
Angle and Abyss start things off and they lock up and Angle with a side head lock Abyss picks Angle up and hits a shoulder tackle and Angle rolls to the floor. Nash checks on Angle and they talk strategy. Angle with a kick and punch and Abyss does not show any effect. Abyss with a clothesline to Angle. Abyss with punches to the top of Angle’s head. Angle with a rake of the eyes, but Abyss with a boot to Angle. Abyss hits Shock Treatment on Angle for a near fall. Morgan is tagged in and Angle with kicks to the knee and shin. Morgan with a bicycle kick for a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Morgan has Angle up for a slam and he hits the move. Morgan with an elbow drop for another near fall. Nash is tagged in and he takes his time getting into the ring. Nash and Morgan go face to face in the center of the ring and Nash with a punch but Morgan wit a punch of his own. Morgan gets the advantage. Angle clips Morgan in front of the referee but the match continues. Nash with a clothesline and Morgan holds the knee. Nash with a knee to the midsection in the corner and then it is time for the elbows in the corner. Nash chokes Morgan with his boot and then he tags in Angle. Angle with a kick and punches but Morgan punches back. Angle kicks Morgan in the leg and he connects with elbow drops to the knee.

Angle with European uppercuts and then he tries for the Olympic Slam, but Morgan gets out of the hold and hits a clothesline. Robert Roode and James Storm come out to the ring.

Abyss and Nash tag in and Abyss with clotheslines aplenty for Nash and Angle. Abyss with a splash in the corner to Nash followed by one to Angle. Abyss with a side slam for a two count. Abyss throws Angle over the top rope to the floor. Morgan charges into an elbow from Nash. Abyss fights Storm and Roode on the floor as he tries to get to Angle. Morgan crotches himself on the top rope when Nash moves out of the way. Abyss returns Angle to the ring and Abyss goes to the turnbuckles but while the referee stares at Matt Morgan on the floor, he does not see James Storm hit Abyss in the back of the head with the beer bottle. Nash with a big boot for the three count.
Winners: Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle

Mick Foley is walking and we go to commercial.

We are back and Mick Foley comes to the ring to make a big announcement about Final Resolution. Mick says that he has always readily acknowledged that people like Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, Kevin Nash, and Kurt Angle have been a big part of the past of professional wrestling. It is a past that he proudly shares with them. He has even accepted that they are the current faces and stars of TNA today. Mick says that he usually does not agree with their point of view. Over the last few weeks, the nWo: The nExt Generation might be the greatest assemblage of wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring. That is why he made a major investment in the TNA originals. For the first time, he sees the possibility that Kurt Angle and the Gray Panthers are the future of TNA. Mick says that it was never his intention to play favorites. He tries to breath some life into the originals to get them things that were denied the younger generation. Mick says that Final Resolution could be their time for Final Restitution.

There will be two main events for Final Resolution. The first main event, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Sting will face Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and two partners of their choice. This match will be a Foley Original because if Sting’s team wins, Sting will be the champion. If a member of A.J.’s team wins, A.J. will be the champion. The other main event will see Kurt Angle face Rhino.

Kurt Angle comes out and he is not happy. Kurt says that this decision is bull**** and he wonders why Jeff Jarrett won’t face him. Kurt wants to know why Jeff is being a p****. Angle says that he gets what he wants. Angle says the only thing he hasn’t done is beat Jeff Jarrett. Angle blames Mick and he wants Jarrett at Final Resolution. If he can’t face Jarrett, he wants Foley. Angle slaps Foley.

Jeff Jarrett’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Jeff gets on the mic and he tells Kurt that he has had it with Kurt. As the founder of TNA, Kurt will play by his rules. Jeff says that he was coaxed into the ring once, and he will not sit back and watch Angle tear apart what he built from the ground up. Jarrett says that as bad as Angle wants him in the ring, Jarrett says that he wants Kurt out of the company. Jarrett says that he cannot fire Angle, but he can make him an offer that Kurt can’t refuse. Jarrett mentions Angle’s match with Rhino, but Jarrett suggests an added stipulation. If Angle wins at Final Resolution, Angle can face Jarrett; but if Rhino wins, Angle’s contract is null and void. Angle slaps Jarrett and then Jarrett points at Angle and Angle turns into a GORE. We go to credits.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

Match Number One: Batista versus Matt Hardy

Matt with punches and Batista goes to the floor. Batista pulls Hardy to the floor and they send each other into the ringside barrier before returning to the ring. Hardy with a kick and punches to Batista but Batista sends Hardy face first into the middle turnbuckle. Batista with a running power slam for a near fall. Batista starts to work on Hardy’s back and then he puts Hardy in a body scissors with a rear chin lock. Batista with a reverse chin lock and Hardy with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. Hardy punches Batista but Batista with a knee and Irish whip. Hardy with a boot to Batista when he charges into the corner and then Hardy with an elbow from the turnbuckle and he sets for a Twist of Fate but Batista sends Hardy off the ropes. Batista tries for a Batista Bomb but Hardy counters with a DDT and Hardy gets a two count. Batista with a rake of the eyes. Hardy tries for a Side Effect but Batista escapes the hold and then he clips Hardy. Hardy with a drop toe hold that sends Batista into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy climbs the corner and he punches Batista until Batista hits snake eyes. Batista with a spinebuster and then he kicks Hardy. Batista with a second spinebuster and then he gives Hardy a third one. Batista sets for the Batista Bomb and hits it for the three count.
Winner: Batista

We go to footage from the contract signing last week when Rey pushed the contract signing table onto Batista before leaving the ring.

Batista is walking in the back and Josh Mathews starts to ask Batista a question. Batista says that Rey made three mistakes. One, Rey cost Batista his title. Two, Rey signed the hold harmless agreement. Three, Rey embarrassed him last week. Rey will never embarrass him again and at Survivor Series, he will punish Rey with no mercy, no regrets, and no remorse.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package about the Undertaker and Kane and their brotherhood of destruction.

Teddy Long is in his office and Vickie Guerrero and Eric Escobar enter. Vickie says that during her time as general manager, she never thought of reuniting the Brothers of Destruction. Teddy tells Vickie that it was not his idea, it was Vince McMahon’s idea. Vickie says that they can ruin his main event at Survivor Series. She says that is why Teddy is on probation. Vickie points out that Teddy has not used her boyfriend. Teddy says that he does not need Vickie’s advice and will never need it. Teddy tells Vickie and Eric to leave.

Vince McMahon enters the office and he shakes Eric’s hand. Vince says that he has an idea. Vince wants to know where Teddy came up with the idea to reunite Kane and Undertaker. Vince says that it is stupid. Teddy tries to remind Vince that it was his idea, but Vince does not fall for that trap. Vince points out what Vickie said a few minutes ago that it could ruin the Smackdown main event at Survivor Series. Vince has an idea and since Teddy is on probation, he will help Teddy get off probation by having Vickie Guerrero named a consultant for Smackdown so Teddy can get off probation. Vickie celebrates like she won the lottery. She hugs Eric and almost hugs Vince before he stops her. Vince leaves and Vickie dances.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at the feud between Drew McIntyre and Finlay.

Drew gets on the mic before the match and he says that Finlay says that he loves to fight, but in his experiences, Finlay loves to cry and weep. He says that Finlay reminds him of a little old lady who is afraid of him. Drew says that those are fighting words so he wants Finlay to come out to fight.

Match Number Two: Drew McIntyre versus Finlay

Finlay is reluctant to let go of the shillelagh but he puts it in the corner. Finlay with a double leg take down and he punches McIntyre. McIntyre goes to the floor and Finlay follows and punches McIntyre. They return to the ring and he takes McIntyre down and he punches and kicks McIntyre. The referee pulls Finlay out of the corner but Finlay returns to the attack. The referee pulls Finlay away again and that allows McIntyre to connect with a poke of the eyes. McIntyre with the double underhook DDT for the three count.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

We go to commercial with CM Punk walking in the back.

We are back and CM Punk comes to the ring. There is a table with three buckets and a trash can. Punk says that tonight he is going to do something for the fans that people who loved them should have done a long time ago. Punk says that he knows that everyone is sick and helpless. He wants to help them in the form of an intervention. Punk says that it is a straight edge intervention. Punk says the first step to recovery is a confession. He says that you need to stop lying to yourself and say to yourself that you have a problem. Punk wants everyone to stand up in the arena and says that if you need to put your hand on the television screen at home if they want. Punk wants everyone to admit that they are an addict. He says that he hears a lot of denial. Punk says that addicts do not realize that they have a problem, so he says that they are all in denial. They are in denial of the fact that they are weak and powerless. They are in denial that they are nothing without the substances that wither away at your minds and bodies. Punk says that he is going to show everyone how to survive.

Punk removes the first bucket and there is a carton of cigarettes underneath. Punk asks the fans if they realize the dangers of ingesting cigarette smoke. Punk mentions the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes. Punk reads the warning on his carton of cigarettes. Punk suggests that you should throw your lungs in the garbage, instead, Punk throws the cigarettes in the garbage and says that is how you survive.

We go to bucket number two and it is a bottle of prescription medication. Punk says that people sit behind a prescription and a doctor. He says that this is not candy. It is failure in a bottle. When you take one of the pills, you are giving up and failing at life. Punk says that there is a label on the bottle, but it should be on every pill. Punk says that he feels that everyone in the building is under the influence. Punk tells them to look inside themselves and find the straight edge inside them. Punk pours the pills into the trash can.

Punk goes to bucket number three and it is a bottle of whiskey. Punk wants to know how many people want to see him take a drink from the bottle and based on the reaction, Punk says that he feels ill. Punk says that it is not going to happen. He figures that everyone has partaken in the liquid hell in the bottle and need to be held responsible for their actions. Punk says that the bottle should not come with a warning label, it should come with a hazard symbol. He says that this is the worst of all. Punk says that when you drink it, you are poisoning yourself. Punk says that your life is going down the drain and Punk pours it into the trash can to a chorus of boos.

R Truth comes out to confront Punk and he is not rapping to the fans. Truth asks What’s Up and he says that the Truth is what’s up. He says the truth is that Punk thinks that he is better than everyone else. He tells Punk that the truth is that everyone makes their own decisions in life. He says the truth is that he does not like Punk. Truth kicks the trash can into Punk and then he hits a DDT. Truth takes the trash can and pours the contents onto Punk and then Truth stands over Punk with the trash can and hits Punk in the midsection with it.

Truth leaves the ring and we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler in a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match for the Intercontinental Title

Fall Number One

Ziggler with a take down and a quick near fall. Ziggler with a kick and snap mare followed by a punch to the head. Morrison with a drop kick and clothesline followed by a leg lariat and a near fall. Morrison with a forearm followed by an Irish whip. Morrison trips Ziggler and then he tries for the split legged moonsault but Ziggler goes to the floor and Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison with a springboard flip dive onto Ziggler. Morrison favors his ribs as he returns Ziggler to the ring. Morrison tries for the corkscrew split legged moonsault, but Ziggler gets his knees up. Morrison with an inside cradle for the first fall.
Morrison 1 Fall . . . Ziggler 0 Falls

We go to commercial.

Fall Number Two:

We join the second fall in progress and Ziggler with the neck snap for a near fall. Ziggler with a body scissors and reverse chin lock. Ziggler with a waist lock and Morrison with elbows before a reversal and a rollup for a near fall. Morrison misses the Shining Wizard and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the second fall.

Morrison 1 Fall . . . Ziggler 1 Fall

Fall Number Three

The referee checks on Morrison during the rest period and then Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with a punch and kick followed by elbow drops to the abdomen and lower back for a near fall. Ziggler returns to the body scissors and a rear chin lock. Morrison with punches but Ziggler with a knee to the midsection. Ziggler with a gut buster from a fireman’s carry position for a near fall. Ziggler uses the ring post to stretch Morrison. Ziggler with a baseball slide that sends Morrison’s abdomen into the ring post. Morrison rolls over on a cover and gets a near fall of his own. Ziggler with an X Factor but he can only get a two count. Ziggler with a punch but Morrison with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and then Morrison hits the corkscrew split legged moonsault for the three count.
Winner: John Morrison

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the way that Michelle McCool and Layla have tried to get into Mickie’s head.

Match Number Four: Mickie James versus Layla

Layla pushes Mickie but Mickie with forearms and a Thesz Press and punches. Mickie with a kick and Layla falls into the corner. The referee pulls Mickie away and that allows Layla to kick Mickie in the knee. Layla with kicks to Mickie and then she punches Mickie. Layla with a drop kick for a near fall. Mickie with forearms to Layla but Layla with a kick. Mickie floats over and gets a rollup and bridge for the three count.
Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Layla gets on the mic and says that now that she has Mickie’s undivided attention, she tells Mickie to enjoy her victory. Before the party gets started, she tells Mickie to watch the TitanTron. Michelle McCool calls Mickie ‘Piggy’ and she does her version of Old MacDonald. The pig that Michelle talks about has Mickie’s face. Mickie leaves the ring and she is crying as she walks to the back.

Rey Mysterio is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista joins Todd and Matt at the announce table and Batista is not very talkative before Rey comes to the ring.

Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Tyson Kidd with Natalya

Kidd with forearms and an Irish whip but Rey with a kick to a charging Kidd. Rey goes to the turnbuckles but Kidd stops him and Rey is in the tree of woe. Kidd kicks Rey while in the tree of woe and then he chokes Rey. Kidd with a hard Irish whip followed by a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Kidd stretches Rey and has his knee in Rey’s back. Rey with a kick to Kidd’s head but Kidd with a back kick and a drop kick to the head for a near fall. Kidd goes to the apron but he misses a springboard elbow drop. Rey with a forearm to Kidd followed by an Irish whip. Rey with a rana but Kidd holds on for a sunset flip. Rey rolls through and kicks Kidd in the head for a near fall. Kidd with an Irish whip but Rey with an elbow. Rey with a rana that sends Kidd into the ropes in ‘that position’. Kidd goes to the floor. Batista leaves the announce table and throws Kidd out of the way. The referee calls for the bell.
No Contest

After the match, Rey with a seated senton to Batista off the announce table. Batista goes into the ring and Rey avoids Batista. Rey with a baseball slide to Batista and then Rey leaves the ring.

Big Show and Jericho are in the locker room. Jericho tells Show that if they are not on the same page, Kane and Taker will beat them. Show says that his mind is on the Survivor Series and walking out of the pay per view as the new World Champion. Jericho calls Show selfish and says that they might not make it to Survivor Series. Show wants to know if Jericho is scared. Jericho says that he is not scared of anything. Show says that he has been in the ring with Kane and Undertaker and he has been tag team champion with both of them. He says that he knows how to survive. Jericho says that he has faced both men too. Show says that at Survivor Series, if it comes down to the two of them, it will be Show because he will not hestitate to punch him out. Jericho says that he is not intimidated by Show and he is not afraid of the Undertaker. Show leaves the locker room and the lights go out. Jericho starts to panic and Show turns the lights back on and chuckles as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at Raw from Madison Square Garden and the video package that aired on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Match Number Six: Big Show and Chris Jericho versus Kane and the Undertaker in a Non-Title Match

Kane and Jericho start things off and Jericho with punches and a kick. Kane with a vintage uppercut followed by punches and kicks in the corner. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline for a near fall. Taker tags in and he kicks Jericho and punches him. Taker with punches in the corner and then he sends Jericho into the turnbuckles. Jericho tags in Show and they go face to face. Show has some words for Taker and he misses a punch. Taker with punches and Show responds with punches and a head butt. Show with an Irish whip but Taker with a boot followed by the flying shoulder tackle. Kane and Taker clothesline Show over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with forearms and kicks to Taker in the corner. Taker with an Irish whip and clothesline. Taker works on the arm and goes for Old School and he hits it and gets a near fall. Kane tags in and they hit a double boot and Kane gets a near fall. Kane punches Jericho and Show makes the blind tag. Kane grabs Jericho by the throat but Show with a spear for a near fall. Show with a head butt to Kane followed by kicks and punches. Jericho chokes and punches Kane while the referee is distracted by Taker and Show. Show with a punch to the chest. Kane punches back and then he connects with a knee to the head. Jericho with a kick to the midsection and back. Jericho with a chin lock and he isolates an arm. Jericho with a knee and bulldog. Jericho raises his arm because he can and then he tries for the Lionsault but he took too much time posing and that allows Kane to get his knees up. Both men are down in the ring and Show tags in and he stops Kane from making the tag. Jericho goes to the announce table and lectures Grisham and Striker. Show puts Kane on the top turnbuckle and sets for a superplex but Kane knocks Show off. Kane with a clothesline from the top and Kane looks like he suffered more.

Jericho and Taker tag in and Taker with punches and an Irish whip followed by snake eyes and a big boot. Taker with the Leg Drop of the Deadman but he can only get a two count. Taker punches Show on the apron and then Taker tries for a choke slam but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Unfortunately, Jericho tries for a move that puts him between Taker’s legs and Taker locks in Hell’s Gate. Show makes the save and then all four men are in the ring. Show and Kane go to the floor and Kane punches Show. Show with a kick and head butt. Jericho clotheslines Taker to the floor but Taker lands on his feet and he pulls Jericho out too. Taker Irish whips Jericho into the ringside barrier and then Kane and Jericho send Show into the ring bell cubicle. Taker and Kane rearrange the announce table and Jericho saves Show from a double choke slam through the announce table. Kane and Taker turn their focus to Jericho as they return to the ring. Jericho gets punched by Taker and Kane hits a choke slam. Taker signals that it is over. Show pulls Kane out and punches him. Taker grabs Show by the throat on the apron. Taker is stopped by Jericho. Show punches Taker and takes him out. Show checks on Jericho and helps him up but Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Show. Jericho takes the World Title belt and leaves the ringside area.

No Contest

We go to credits with Jericho holding the World Title belt over his head.

2010 - Former WWF Intercontinental champion Chyna took to twitter to shoot down rumors that she had allegedly recently filmed another adult film, commenting, "The porn rumors are 100% untrue. Media never takes the time to verify these reports before posting them no matter how damaging they are, sad. A lie can make it half way around the world before the truth ever got it's ass out of bed"   As it turned out, she had signed a deal with Vivid Video, with her first adult video being released earlier this year.

2010 - WWE released referee Aaron "Goose" Mahoney.

2010 - EVOLVE 6 took place in Union City, NJ.  Stu Carapola filed the following live report:

EVOLVE returned to Union City, New Jersey. Ongoing results: 

*Silas Young defeated Drake Younger with a Dumpster Roll into a springboard moonsault to hand Younger his first loss. Younger was visibly frustrated as he made his exit. 

*AR Fox defeated Tony Nees, Rich Swann and Scott Reed in a four way match. There was one really scary part when Fox went for some kind of shooting star move to the outside, but undershot and crashed hard on the floor. Fortunately he was okay and able to finish the match. 

*Before the next match, "Larry" came out and took a seat at ringside with a couple of girls. 

*Bobby Fish defeated Kyle O'Reilly in an incredibly stiff match that was more MMA fight than wrestling match, as they were killing each other with kicks and submissions. Fish cut a postmatch promo saying he knew he could do it and gives a shout out to his girls at home. 

*Up In Smoke defeated the Super Smash Bros when Cloudy pinned Player Uno with Code Red, then cut a postmatch promo saying they're 4-0 and 2011 will be their year. 

*Jon Moxley defeated Homicide under relaxed rules when he got Homicide in a crossface chicken wing and the ref stopped the match. Homicide was mad he lost and attacked the ref and then brutally assaulted Moxley. It had to be seen to be believed, Homicide tore Moxley up with a fork, a scalpel, and the ring bell and hammer, and Moxley refused to fight back and kept mocking Homicide for losing and telling him he was going to be suspended. The assault went on for at least ten minutes, basically until Homicide got tired of beating him up. 

*After intermission, Larry Dallas announced he would now be sponsoring wrestlers, and introduced the new backstage interviewer (didn't recognize her) and also his first charge, Chuck Taylor. 

*Ricochet defeated Adam Cole. Crowd was not into this match at all. 

*Johnny Gargano pinned Jimmy Jacobs by reversing the Contra Code to a rollup for the clean win. Larry Dallas came in and introduced Gargano as his second wrestler. Jimmy told Larry he doesn't belong in wrestling, so Larry offered Reby Sky to Jimmy, but Jimmy expressed his reluctance to risk his health by being with her. She smacked him, so he spanked her. 

*In the main event, Austin Aries defeated Chuck Taylor with the Last Chancery. Taylor seemed to visibly dislocate his shoulder and had a lump sticking out for the rest of the match. Aries put Taylor over for his guts and told him he got an education tonight.

2011 - The Rock returned to the ring for the first time since Wrestlemania 20 at the Survivor Series in New York City.  Richard Trionfo filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to’s coverage of World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2011 Survivor Series live from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Your announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler.

John Laurinaitis comes out and he reminds us that he is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the Interim General Manager of Raw. He says that tonight is not only the 25th Anniversary of Survivor Series, but the 10th Anniversary of his arrival in the WWE.

Match Number One: United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler versus John Morrison

The match starts with a vocal ‘We Want Ryder’ chant and they lock up. Ziggler with a waist lock take down and then he slaps Morrison in the head. Morrison goes after Ziggler and Ziggler goes to the floor. Ziggler returns to the ring and they lock up. Morrison with a hammer lock and Ziggler with a reversal but Morrison with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar.

Ziggler with a kick and punches. Ziggler kicks Morrison and Ziggler with an Irish whip but Morrison floats over when Ziggler charges. Ziggler with a drop kick followed by a side head lock take down. Ziggler with a shoulder tackle and then he lands on his feet on a hip toss. Morrison blocks a drop kick and he catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Morrison with a clothesline that sends Ziggler over the top rope and then he hits a corkscrew plancha onto Ziggler.

Vickie yells at Morrison and that distraction allows Ziggler to recover and hit a neck breaker for a near fall. Ziggler with a kick to Morrison’s arm followed by a punch. Ziggler with an elbow drop and then he kips up. Ziggler with a fireman’s carry and a near fall.

Ziggler with a reverse chin lock and then he tries for a crossface and then back to the side head lock. Ziggler pulls Morrison down by the hair and then he kicks Morrison while he seems a bit nonchalant while kicking and punching Morrison. Ziggler slaps Morrison in the face and Morrison takes Ziggler into the turnbuckles and he punches him.

Morrison misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler with a reverse exploder suplex for a near fall. Ziggler tries for a sleeper but Morrison pushes him off. Morrison with clotheslines followed by a leg lariat and a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Ziggler runs Morrison into the turnbuckles and rolls up Morrison for a near fall. Morrison lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and then he hits a springboard round kick for a near fall.

Ziggler with a satellite move into a sleeper but Morrison applies a sleeper. Ziggler escapes and then Morrison with a satellite DDT but Vickie pulls Dolph’s leg onto the rope and the referee stops his count.

The referee and Vickie argue and Vickie is sent to the back.

Morrison sets for a suplex but Ziggler blocks it and Ziggler with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ziggler avoids a Shining Wizard and gets a near fall with a rollup. Morrison and Ziggler exchange near falls. Morrison misses a springboard round kick but Ziggler hits a Fameasser for a near fall.

Morrison gets Ziggler off him on a sleeper attempt and Morrison hits the Shining Wizard. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but he lands on Ziggler’s knees. Ziggler with the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Vickie comes to the ring to celebrate with Dolph as she takes the belt from the referee.

After the match, Vickie gets on the mic and she says that the United States Champion has something to say. Dolph says that he would hate to have to follow that. Some think that he is a bit of showing off, but when you back it up every night, it isn’t showing off. Ziggler says that nobody does it like him and you are not a show off if you are really good at what you do.

Zack Ryder’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and Ziggler attacks Ryder as he enters the ring.

Ryder hits a Rough Ryder but Ziggler leaves the ring.


The Divas come out to the ring for the Lumberjill Match.

Match Number Two: Divas Championship Match: Beth Phoenix versus Eve Torres

They lock up and Beth pushes Eve away but Eve with a forearm. Eve tries for a cross body but Beth catches her and drops her to the mat. Eve with a leg sweep and a kick for a near fall. Eve with another kick to the chest and then she does the booty shake for the moonsault but Beth goes to the floor and she is sent back into the ring. Eve with a neck breaker and then she hits a moonsault for a near fall.

Eve is sent to the apron and she kicks Natalya away before she returns to the ring and is kicked by Beth. Beth slingshots Eve’s throat into the bottom rope and she gets a near fall. Beth with a rear chin lock. Eve kicks Beth and then Eve sends Beth into the turnbuckles and follows it with a drop kick and back elbow. Eve with a series of kicks and then she hits a running clothesline.

Eve tries for the flip leg drop but Beth gets her knees up and Beth tries for the Glam Slam but Eve with an elbow and then she applies an Octopus and then a figure four chin lock. Natalya gets on the apron along with the Bellas and Beth attacks Eve and gets a near fall with a rollup. Eve rolls through and gets a near fall. Eve kicks Beth and then she goes up top for a moonsault but Beth pushes her off and Eve holds on to the top rope.

Beth goes to the turnbuckles and they fight on the second rope. Beth traps the arms and hits a Super Glam Slam for the three count.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Match Number Three: Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match: Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and Mason Ryan) versus Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Hunico, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler)

Ziggler and Kofi start things off and they lock up with Kofi applying a waist lock but Ziggler with a standing switch. Kofi with an elbow but Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Kofi with leap frogs and he tries for a back elbow but Ziggler stops. Ziggler tries for a reverse Exploder suplex but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler moves. Ziggler with a drop kick.

Kofi tries for SOS but Ziggler sends him into the ropes and Kofi with a flying forearm

Orton tags in and he hits an RKO on Ziggler and he gets the three count.

Dolph Ziggler Eliminated


Team Barrett goes to the floor to discuss strategy as we go to the Twitter Trending Box.

Randy Orton wants to be a part of Team Barrett and he goes after all of them. Orton with a clothesline to Barrett over the top rope. Rhodes charges at Orton and gets back body dropped to the floor. Ryan and Sheamus take care of Hunico and Swagger. Kofi and Cara with stereo dives onto Hunico and Swagger but Sin Cara appears to have hurt his knee.

We pause the action while the medical staff checks on Cara.

Sin Cara Eliminated 

Orton and Rhodes are in the ring and Orton with a European uppercut and then he tags in Ryan. Ryan with a shoulder tackle to Rhodes and then he runs Rhodes into the corner. Ryan with shoulders followed by an Irish whip and a running knee but Rhodes gets to the floor when he sees Ryan come off the ropes.

Rhodes and Barrett talk before Rhodes returns to the ring. Rhodes tags in Hunico and Hunico is helped into the ring. Ryan sends Hunico into the turnbuckles and he tags in Kofi and Kofi slingshots in and connects with a boot to the chest. Kofi with a kick to the chest followed by an Irish whip but Hunico sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall.

Barrett tags in and he connects with forearms and punches to Kofi and gets a near fall. Barrett with a chin lock and then he sends Kofi to the mat and gets a near fall. Barrett returns to the reverse chin lock. Kofi with punches and kicks and then they each go for clotheslines and both men are down.

Hunico and Ryan tag in and Ryan with a clothesline and then Ryan catches Hunico on a cross body attempt and he hits a series of back breaker and then hits a fallaway slam. Ryan presses Hunico over his head and he drops him behind him. Rhodes makes the tag while Ryan has Hunico in the full nelson. Rhodes with Beautiful Disaster followed by Cross Rhodes to eliminate Mason Ryan.

Mason Ryan Eliminated

Sheamus takes over for Team Orton and he locks up with Cody. Sheamus with a clean break. Rhodes with a forearm to Sheamus but Sheamus with a forearm of his own. Sheamus sends Rhodes into the corner and he connects with forearms until the referee pulls him out. Sheamus with a short arm clothesline and gets a near fall. Sheamus sends Rhodes into the turnbuckles again. Rhodes with a kick but Sheamus with a back elbow.

Sheamus puts Rhodes in the ropes and connects with a series of forearms across the chest. Sheamus with a suplex and gets a near fall. Sheamus has Rhodes in the ropes but Rhodes with an elbow and then he drops down and Sheamus goes over the top rope but Sheamus lands on the apron. Sheamus goes after Barrett and Sheamus is sent to the floor.

Barrett clotheslines Sheamus on the floor and then he sends him into the apron as the return to the ring. Barrett punches Sheamus and kicks him. Hunico tags in and he hits a slingshot kick to the chest and we go to the Twitter Ticker. Sheamus and Hunico exchange punches and Hunico with forearms but Sheamus with a back body drop.

Both men are down and Barrett and Kofi tag in and Kofi with a slingshot clothesline followed by drop kicks and a Superman punch followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise and he hits Rhodes who tries to interfere. Kofi with a rollup for a near fall.

Kofi with the pendulum kick and then he gives one to Swagger but Barrett with a runnig boot to Kofi who was still in the ropes. Barrett gets Kofi up for Wasteland and gets the three count.

Kofi Kingston Eliminated

 Orton punches Barrett now that they are down four men to two. Orton tries for the IEDDT but Barrett gets back into the ring and he back body drops Orton to the floor. Hunico tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto Orton. Hunico sends Orton back in and gets a near fall.

Swagger tags in and he connects with an elbow and punches. Swagger kicks Orton and then he gets him in a front face lock. Rhodes tags in and he kicks Orton in the corner. Rhodes with a snap mare and punches to the head. Rhodes with a boot to Orton’s head and then Rhodes with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Rhodes with a gourdbuster and he gets a near fall. Orton works on the arm with a chin lock added to the pressure on the arm.

Orton punches Rhodes but Rhodes with a kick followed by an Irish whip. Rhodes tries for a bulldog but Orton is able to push Rhodes away and both men are down. Sheamus and Swagger tag in and Swagger with double sledges to Swagger’s head followed by forearms to the back. Sheamus with a running clothesline into the corner and then Sheamus goes up top for a flying shoulder tackle. Sheamus sends Hunico over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus with the uranage back breaker to Swagger and then he knocks Rhodes off the apron. Swagger avoids the Celtic Cross and then Sheamus sends Barrett to the floor.

Sheamus with a series of knees to Swagger and the referee disqualifies Sheamus for not breaking the count.

Sheamus Eliminated

It is now four on one with Orton facing Swagger, Barrett, Rhodes, and Hunico.

Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Swagger before he leaves the ring.

Orton gets to his feet and enters the ring and pins Swagger.

Jack Swagger Eliminated

All three men approach Orton and Rhodes is the first to attack with a series of kicks. The other two men return to their corner. Rhodes with more kicks to Orton. Rhodes with punches and more kicks. Rhodes with more punches and then he mocks the Orton pose. Rhodes with a kick and Irish whip but Orton pops out of the corner with a clothesline. Orton with another clothesline and then he knocks Hunico and Barrett off the apron before the power slam. Orton sends Rhodes into the ropes for the IEDDT and then he looks towards the TitanTron and then he twists to the mat. He gets distracted by Barrett on the floor and Hunico has made the tag.

Hunico with a springboard move and Orton with an RKO to counter for the three count.

Hunico Eliminated

Orton with a back breaker to Barrett and he gives Rhodes an RKO. Barrett gets Orton up for Wasteland and gets the three count.

Randy Orton Eliminated

Winners: Team Barrett (Survivors Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes)

After the match, Michael Cole says that Sin Cara suffered a ruptured patella tendon.

The Bellas are with Alberto Del Rio and they talk about the shopping spree and going out later. John Laurinaitis arrives and he wants to make sure that Alberto is taking this match seriously. Alberto says that he has been taking care of Punk for weeks. This will be the first of many title defenses in Madison Square Garden. Alberto says that his entire country is supporting him so he tells John not to take him so lightly. Alberto says he will not lose his title to someone who should be sleeping on the sidewalk on Wall Street.

John texts someone.

We see that the ring has been reinforced for the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Big Show and Mark Henry. We see why they had to reinforce the ring.

Match Number Four: World Championship Match: Mark Henry versus Big Show


They lock up and Show sends Henry to the mat and Mark is shocked. They lock up again and Henry pushes Show off. They lock up again and Henry is sent to the mat again and Mark goes to the floor to rethink his strategy. They lock up and Henry with a waist lock but Show with a standing switch and waist lock take down into a front face lock. Henry gets to the ropes.

Show with an arm drag to a charging Henry and Mark goes to the floor. We go back to the Twitter Trending Box. Henry returns to the ring and he goes into the ropes and Show with punches to the ribs. Henry tries to argue the rules with the referee before locking up again.

Henry threatens to leave if Show does not respect the rules. Show punches Henry in the ribs and Henry goes for Show’s knees and both men are down. Henry sends Show’s knee into the mat. Henry works on the leg and he drops elbows to the knee. Show gets free of Henry but Henry with a clothesline when they get back to their feet.

Show with a DDT to Henry and both men are down and Show gets a near fall. Show with head butts to Henry followed by a clothesline. Show with a running butt splash into the corner followed by a running shoulder. Show signals for the choke slam as he waits for Henry to get up. Show grabs Henry by the throat but Henry kicks Show in the knee and hits a World’s Strongest Slam but Show kicks out at two.

Henry with a splash for a near fall. Henry with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Show gets to the floor and Henry follows after him. Henry sends Show into the ring post. Henry with a shoulder tackle that sends Show through the ringside barrier and collapses the barrier.

The referee starts the count. Show gets into the ring at nine and Henry with a kick to the head that sends Show back to the apron. Henry with head butt and they are by the turnbuckle so Henry and Show almost climb the turnbuckles. Show sends Henry back to the mat. Show with a thrust kick to the head and Henry is down. Show goes up top as the crowd rises.

Show with an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle and both men are down. Show can only get a two count as Henry is able to get his shoulder up. Show sets for the punch but Henry ducks it and Henry with a low kick and he is disqualified.

Winner: Big Show by Disqualification

After the match, Henry kicks Show after scaring the referee out of the ring. Henry puts the chair on Show’s ankle and he sets for the Vader Bomb onto the chair but Show is able to get his leg out of the way. Show punches Henry and the crowd chants for Daniel Bryan.

Show puts the chair on Henry’s leg he hits a leg drop onto the chair.

The medical staff comes to the ring and they put Henry’s leg in a boot and a stretcher is at ringside. Henry says that his leg is broken.

Wade Barrett is in the interview area with Matt Striker and he asks what is next for Wade Barrett. Wade says that he has proven that the Barrett Barrage is unstoppable. From day one, the reason why he is here, he wants to be England’s first World Champion. Miz interrupts and he throws out a few reallys. Truth asks if tonight is about the Barrett Barrage.

Barrett says that Charlie Sheen calls it ‘Winning’.

Miz says this is the problem. The focus is everywhere but where it should be and he runs through things that are not them. Truth says that they should be on the side of buses in New York. He wants to know where there billboard is. Truth says that he was outside and he saw all of the pigeons staring up at Rock and Cena. Truth yelled at the pigeons and told them that Rock and Cena are going to lose. The pigeons didn’t say anything to him because they are pigeons and they don’t talk.

Miz says that Rock and Cena are a load of crap and Truth says that crap is crap and crap is gonna get got.

To counter Ricardo Rodriguez, CM Punk has brought out his own ring announcer and it is Howard Finkel.

Match Number Five: WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio versus CM Punk


They lock up as the fans chant for ice cream. They get into the ropes and the referee has to separate them. Punk with a shoulder tackle. They lock up again and Del Rio with a side head lock take down. Del Rio with a shoulder tackle but Punk with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Punk with a hammer lock and he sends a knee into the arm. Punk with an arm drag and kick. Punk with a hammer lock and side head lock. Punk with a shoulder tackle and arm drag into an arm bar. Del Rio gets to the floor and he talks to Ricardo while we go to the Twitter Ticker.

Del Rio returns to the ring and they lock up and Del Rio backs Punk into the corner and he kicks Punk in the ribs and then he kicks and punches Punk. Del Rio misses a charge into the corner and Punk with a series of kicks. Punk with an Irish whip and hip toss followed by a drop kick and Del Rio returns to the floor.

Punk with a suicide dive to Del Rio and then he returns Alberto into the ring. Punk goes up top to wait for Del Rio to get up for a cross body and a near fall. Punk goes to the arm and he applies a key lock. Punk goes into the ropes and Del Rio kicks and punches him and Rodriguez gets a shot in on Punk but Punk chases Ricardo around the ring but Del Rio with a baseball slide into Punk.

Del Rio slams Punk’s arm into the ring steps to get ready for the cross arm breaker. Del Rio sends Punk back into the ring and Del Rio goes up top with a double sledge to the head and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with an arm bar. Punk with punches and an arm drag. Punk runs into a boot from Del Rio but Punk gets Del Rio on his shoulders but Del Rio gets away and he hits a single arm breaker and then he stomps on the left arm and gets a near fall.

Del Rio returns to the arm bar. Punk with punches and kicks to get free but Del Rio with a head butt. Del Rio runs into a boot but Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio returns to the turnbuckles. Del Rio with a double sledge for a near fall.

Del Rio misses the drop kick through the ropes but Punk moves and Del Rio hits the floor. Punk tries to get some feeling back into his arm. Punk brings Del Rio to the apron and Del Rio drops Punk’s arm on the top rope. Both men are down again after Punk takes Del Rio down.

Del Rio punches Punk but Punk kicks Del Rio. Now they exchange punches and kicks with Punk taking advantage and hits a drop kick and a flying clothesline. Punk with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Punk with the running knee into the corner and he hits the bulldog and gets a near fall. Punk hits the springboard clothesline but he can only get a two count.

Punk signals for the Go To Sleep and he gets Del Rio on his shoulders for a second but Del Rio counters with a lungblower for a near fall. Del Rio with a kick to the back. Punk with a rollup but he can only get a near fall. Punk misses the knee into the corner but Del Rio hits a step up enzuigiri for a near fall.

Del Rio with a single arm breaker and he gets a near fall. Del Rio puts Punk on the turnbuckles but Punk with head butts to knock Del Rio to the mat. Punk goes for the elbow drop but Del Rio gets up and he crotches Punk. Del Rio with a running kick to the arm.

Del Rio charges into the corner but Punk pulls himself up and Del Rio goes into the ring post shoulder first. Punk sets for the elbow drop and he summons the Macho Man and he hits it but he can only get a two count. Punk signals for the GTS and he gets Del Rio up abut Del Rio escapes. Punk avoids the float over for the cross arm breaker but Punk misses a round kick. Del Rio floats over and locks in the cross arm breaker. Punk tries to reach for the ropes and he gets his feet on the ropes.

Del Rio charges at Punk and he tries for the Go To Sleep. Punk cannot keep Del Rio on his shoulders. Punk kicks Rodriguez on the apron and Del Rio with a near fall on a rollup and a handful of tights. Punk with a kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Punk puts Del Rio in the Anaconda Vice and Del Rio taps out.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Punk dives into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Match Number Six: Never Before . . . Never Again: Rock and John Cena versus Miz and R Truth


Rock and Miz start things off and they stare each other down because Miz still might have some issues left over from Wrestlemania. They lock up and Rock with a side head lock. Miz with forearms but Rock with a shoulder tackle and Rock with an arm drag and then he gives one to Truth and another to Miz. Rock with a La Magistral for a near fall and Miz goes to the floor and Miz and Truth discuss strategy on the floor.

Truth wants a piece of the Rock and Miz lets it happen but first Rock turns the palm towards him and tells him to bring it. They lock up and Rock with a side head lock. Rock with a hammer lock and Truth with a reversal but Rock kips up. Truth with a split to avoid Rock but Rock avoids the kick. Rock with a punch and then he hits a Fisherman suplex and bridge but Cena went after Miz and the referee missed the cover.

Rock and Cena have some words but then he remembers that Truth and Miz are still there. Miz wants back into the match. Miz tells Rock to tag in Cena since the fans are chanting for Fruity Pebbles. Cena is tagged in.

Cena with a snap mare or two followed by an Irish whip and monkey flip followed by a drop kick and Truth is tagged in. Truth points out the chants from the crowd and Truth pushes Cena and he dances. Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb and Cena signals for the five knuckle shuffle. Cena does it to Rock and Rock comes into the ring.

Truth hits Cena from behind and then Miz hits Cena while the referee deals with Truth. Miz tags back in and he kicks Cena and punches him. Miz with kicks to the back followed by a running boot to the head for a near fall. Truth tags back in and he applies a rear chin lock. Cena powers out of the hold but Truth with a kick and he sends Cena shoulder first into the ring post.

Truth punches Cena and it staggers him. Truth sends Cena into the apron and then back into the ring. Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a head scissors. We see the Twitter Ticker as Truth continues to work on the neck. Cena is sent to the floor and Truth follows after him. Truth sends Cena back into the ring and he gets a near fall.

Miz tags back in. Miz with a kick to the knees followed by a DDT for a near fall. Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline and he hits it from the right side. Truth punches Cena while the referee was not looking and Miz gets a near fall. Truth tags in and they hit a double suplex and Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a front face lock and Cena tries for the tag but he cannot get to Rock. Truth runs Cena back into his corner and Miz gets in a few shots before tagging back in.

Miz with a punch to Cena. Cena blocks a punch and he hits Miz and then Truth on the apron but Miz with a clothesline for a near fall. Truth tags back in and gets a near fall. Truth with the dancing leaping leg drop for a near fall. Truth goes to the turnbuckles and he goes for a cross body but Cena rolls through and he picks up Truth and he tries to get him up for an Attitude Adjustment. Truth escapes and hits the sit out gourdbuster for a near fall.

Miz tags back in and he mocks the Rock and he hits a running boot to Cena’s head. Cena avoids another running boot and Cena puts Miz in the STF but Truth kicks Miz and he is tagged in.

Cena gets Miz up and hits the Attitude Adjustment but both men are down. Cena crawls to his corner but Miz knocks Rock off the apron and Miz with a reverse chin lock on Cena while Truth attacks Rock and hot shots him on the ringside barrier.

Truth tags in but Rock distracts the referee to allow Miz and Truth to double team Cena. They hit a double flapjack and Truth gets a near fall. Truth with a front face lock. Truth with a forearm to the back and then he goes for the fancy leg drop but Cena rolls out of the way and both men are down.

Cena crawls to his corner and Miz and Rock tag in. Rock with punches but Rock with a kick and DDT. Rock with punches and slaps to Truth followed by a Rock Bottom to Truth. Rock with a dragon screw leg whip and he puts Miz in the Sharpshooter. Rock pulls Miz into the center of the ring but Truth with Shut Up. Cena with a spear to Truth and they go to the floor.

Miz with a kick and punches to Rock followed by double sledges and more kicks. Miz yells at Rock and says that he is the one. Miz with a kick but Rock with a spinebuster and then it is time for the elbow pad to be thrown to the crowd because it is time for the Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment. It is time for the People’s Elbow. Rock gets the three count.

Winners: Rock and John Cena

After the match, we see John Cena applaud his tag team partner and opponent on April 1st from the ramp before he goes to the back. Rock brings Cena back to the ring. Rock says something to Cena before he poses on the turnbuckles and the crowd cheers. Cena gets on the turnbuckles and the crowd is mixed, leaning towards boos. Rock goes back up to the turnbuckles after saying something to him again. They cheer again. Rock’s music plays and they get face to face and the music stops. Rock gives Cena a Rock Bottom and Cena goes to the floor.

We go to credits.



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