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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-14 21:25:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Pro Wrestling Superstars' debut in Toronto at the Doubletree Hilton as part of

Pre-Show Notes:  The Bruno Sammartino-Larry Zbyszko faceoff tonight is off as Zbyszko didn't get a renewed passport in time to make the trip to Toronto. There was some heat on Zbyszko as he was asked to order the passport with expedited shipping but didn't so. Zbyszko will be replaced by Shawn Blanchard....Smith Hart is here visiting, as are a ton of Canadian independent wrestlers.

PWS started with Sal Corrente welcoming everyone to the event and thanking them for their support this weekend.    Corrente said that before they get started, he wanted to bring someone special.  Out came WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel.   Howard said that this was his first time here and he loved being here and thanked everyone responsible.   Howard said that he's been coming here for years and he knows that Toronto is A Plus.  He hopes everyone has the perfect end to their day and night and said, "On with the show."

Michael Elgin vs. El Generico.

They locked up and Elgin manhandled Generico into the corner.  He then shoved Generico down.  The crowd chanted, "Ole Ole Ole!"  Elgin shoulderblocked Generico down.  Generico came back with a running boot to the face in the corner.  He charged but Elgin moved.  Generico drilled him with an elbow then came off the ropes with a leaping rana.

Elgin rolled to the outside.  Generico faked a dive but bounced back into the ring.  Elgin missed a clothesline and was drilled with a series of chops then beaten in the corner with a series of punches.  The crowd chanted along in Spanish.  Generico came off the top with a bodypress but was caught and slammed.  Elgin worked him over on the back.   Elgin whipped him hard into the corner.

Elgin continued working over Generico as the fans tried to rally him.  Generico drilled Elgin with a series of rights but was cut off.  He came back with several chops and clotheslines but Elgin didn't go down.   He finally took the big man down with a leap into a dropkick.  Elgin went to the floor, where Generico hit a flying dive over the top to the floor.  The crowd chanted, "That was awesome."

Back in the ring, Generico went for a tornado DDT but was caught and turned into an over the knee spinebuster for a two count.   Elgin drilled him with a running cloithesline in the corner.  He went for a back suplex but Generico escaped and landed on his feet.  Generico nailed a sit down powerbomb for a two count.  

Generico missed his running boot in the corner.  Elgin nailed him and drilled him with a sitdown driver for a two count.  Elgin caught a running boot and whipped Generico into the opposite corner.  Generico caught him on the charge and nailed a t-bone suplex into the corner.  Generico nailed the big boot, then drilled Elgin with a brainbuster for the three count.

Your winner, El Generico!

Really good opener.

 Still to come:

Shawn Spears with Jimmy Hart vs. Tito Santana with Rick Martel.

Spears was Gavin Spears for a short time in the WWE version of ECW and was never really given a chance there, although he's a strong worker.  The crowd chanted "Tito" as Strike Force came to the ring.

They locked up and Santana backed Spears into the corner.  Hart went nuts on the megaphone and people chanted for him.   Spears controlled Santana early.   When Santana came back, Spears claimed that he was hooking the tights and the hair.   Spears began stalling and went to the outside.  When he returned, Santana controlled him in the ring, leading to another retreat.

They locked up again.  Santana was backed into the corner and when the referee broke them up, Spears cheapshotted Santana.  Spears worked over Santana's back as Hart implored him to stay on Tito.   He worked over Santana with a series of right hands.  Tito fired back with a number of punches.  Santana whipped him into the corner and charged but Spears pulled him knees up.

Spears locked Tito in a side chinlock.  Tito started to fire up but was cut off.   Spears went to the top for a splash but missed.  He still cut off Santana.  Hart tripped Santana when he fired up, so Rick Martel chased him out.  Spears was distracted, leaping to Santana catching him in a small package for the pin.

Your winner, Tito Santana!

Pretty elementary but for this audience, it was fine nostalgia.  Spears looked really good.

They introduced Brooke Tessmacher, who said hello to the crowd and said she was here to support some damn fine wrestling.

The Super Smash Brothers vs. The Great Outdoors (Jake Manning & Grizzly Redwood) vs. Asylum & Adam Page vs. Rhett Titus & Caleb Konley with Lia Von Dutch.

Page and Redwood started off.  Redwood was nailed with a armdrag.  Redwood tagged out to Rhett Titus.  The fans chanted"Hepatitus" at him.  Titus and Page went face to face.  Page tagged Titus' partner, Konley.    They tried to tag out but no one would let them and dropped down to the floor, pounding the mat.    They "faked" wrestled.  Konley covered Titus so everyone broke it up.

Page worked over Titus and then tagged out to the Smash Brothers, who worked over Titus for several near falls.   Player Uno worked over Konley, chopping him.  Manning and Redwood came in and drilled Konkey with a series of bulldog takedowns.  They doubled on Konley for a two count.

Titus and Konley took over and worked over Redwood with a series of moves.  Titus nailed a German suplex for a two count.   The babyfaces tried to rally Redwood but Konley matained control.    Titus catapulted Redwood's throat under the bottom rope.    He choked Redwood against the ropes.   Titus went for an over the shoulder move but Redwood dropped down.  He went for the tag but Manning was nailed off the apron.

Player Uno tagged in, as did Konley.   Everyone tagged in and did a crazy succession of highspots and reversals.     It was really good and fun, but too fast paced to recap.  You'll have to buy the DVD.  Player Dos hit a twisting dive off the top to floor.  They then hit a double team Buff Blockbuster on Konley for the pin.

Your winners, The Super Smash Brothers!

Fun eight man.

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