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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-06 12:00:00
2011 MOMENT OF THE YEAR  (1082 votes)

WINNER: CM Punk's June promo on Raw ripping WWE and management, becoming the voice of the voiceless. - 47.5%

First Runner-Up:  CM Punk wins WWE title at Money in the Bank, walks out of WWE as champion. - 21.9%

Second Runner-Up: Edge Retires. - 5.6%

Third Runner-Up: Zack Ryder, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan open Raw as top champions in WWE. - 3.8%

Also Placing: 

The Rock revealed as Wrestlemania Guest Host. - 3.6%
Crowd Reactions to Punk vs. Cena at Money in the Bank. - 2.7%

CM Punk Tweets Photo of WWE Title in his Fridge. - 2.2%
Daniel Bryan Cashes in Money in the Bank, wins WWE World title at TLC. - 1.5% 

2011 MOVE OF THE YEAR (788 votes)

WINNER: John Morrison Spiderman wall climb at the Royal Rumble - 22.0%

First Runner-Up: GTS - CM Punk. - 13.8%

Second Runner-Up: Shooting Star Press Off Top Of Ladder at WWE Money In The Bank - Evan Bourne. - 12.8%

Third Runner-Up: LaBell Lock - Daniel Bryan. - 7.7%

Also Placing:

RKO - Randy Orton. - 4.7%
Chaos Theory - Douglas Williams. - 4.6%

RKO on Ring Steps - Randy Orton on Christian. - 4.4%

Brainbuster on top turnbuckle - El Generico. - 4.3%


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