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By Jess McGrath on 2004-10-31 11:06:00

Robert Gibson and "Nightmare" Ken Wayne are heavily involved in a new promotion out of Columbus, MS called All Pro Championship Wrestling. They have TV on UPN Mississippi (I believe that's a cable-only station) every Thursday night, right before Smackdown starts. They are taping the TV every Saturday night at the All Pro Arena on Highway 45 North in Columbus. In addition to Gibson and Wayne, others working for the promotion include Bill Dundee, J.C. Ice (Jamie Dundee), Bobby Eaton, Kevin White (Memphis Wrestling), and Big Don Brodie. Gibson is also opening up a wrestling school.

Greg Mosorjak's Southern Championship Wrestling held a joint card with Travis Bradshaw's Vanguard Championship Wrestling (formerly known as Virginia Championship Wrestling) on 10/30 in Bedford, VA. SCW will be shutting down after its 10th anniversary show on 11/20 in Durham, NC. Mosorjak is turning over his old SCW towns to Bradshaw and will make occasional appearances in VCW as Count Grog. Mosorjak said he was closing down for several reasons, including finances, lack of time, the oversaturation of the North Carolina indy scene, and an inability to run shows in bars now for insurance reasons. He noted that the area indies have become overrun with guys who can't work and weren't trained properly, who are only interested in high spots and not learning to lock up or to use holds. I couldn't agree more with him, and that's not a problem confined to North Carolina by any stretch of the imagination.

The final SCW show at last count has twenty matches scheduled, including a three way with C.W. Anderson, Otto Schwanz, and a third opponent, and a six man tag with Lodi. Some of the other wrestlers appearing include Cueball Carmichael, Big Slam, Sal Rinauro, Caprice Coleman, Krazy K, Jacey North, K.C. Thunder, Frank Parker, Beau James, Eddie Brown, Brad Hunter, Sean Alexander, Brandi Wine, Lexie Fyfe, Jimmy Cicero, and "Beastmaster" Rick Link.

King Kong Bundy, Nikolai Volkoff, and Danny Doring worked the World Wrestling Stars Alliance show in Medford, NJ on 10/29. Doring retained the promotion's title over Crazy Ivan. Bundy beat Leslie Leatherman. Nikolai went over on a Bundy student named Chris Steele.