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By Jess McGrath on 2004-08-14 18:05:00

Sorry for being "out of action" for the last couple weeks. Last Friday, as the result of a power failure at home, my computer's motherboard was fried, which put me out of commission. Some cheesy 80s heavy metal band had a power ballad called "Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone", and I started to feel that was especially written for me and my computer. Anyway, I got a new computer (kudos for Dell for the amazing turnaround time), and I'm back …


WWC's Aniversario tour is next weekend. Coming in are Universal champion Abdullah the Butcher, Sabu, Abyss, Kid Kash, and Mike Youngblood. But the big feuds look to be Huracan Castillo vs. El Bronco, coming off of Castillo's recent babyface turn, and Eddie Colon vs. Carly Colon in a match they've been slowly building for months.

Recently they aired a vignette where Eddie went to Louisville, KY to talk to Carly. They showed Eddie calling the hotel where Carly was staying, then arriving and asking the receptionist about Carly. The receptionist called up to Carly's room, and Carly told him he has no brother, so Eddie was turned away. Eddie went up to Carly's room anyway and knocked, but no one answered. As this was going on, Carly called the front desk and asked that Eddie be booted. Later, Eddie showed up at an OVW show looking to confront Carly. Eddie had to buy a ticket and wait in line, again because Carly said he had no brother. They showed Jim Cornette cutting a promo on Carly for showing up late. When Carly was introduced for a six-man, he was booed, and Eddie was shocked. He argued with a fan who was booing Carly, but the fan said he didn't care. Eddie waited for Carly by the locker room, and they finally had their confrontation. They shoved each other until some of the wrestlers ("Carly's friends") jumped Eddie. Eddie juiced and was laid out. Of all people, Carlos Colon showed up in Louisville next. He went to the OVW school and confronted Carly about being a heel. When Carly poked his finger at his dad's chest, Carlos shoved it away. He then slapped his son. Carly's friends had Dad booted.

IWA had a Rey Gonzalez vs. Savio Vega match as the headliner for their 8/7 show in Bayamon. Savio went to use his baseball bat on Rey, but La Familia interfered. Savio held them off with the bat. Rey tried to run off, but Slash Venom stopped him. Rey stole the bat, but Vega gave him the side kick to get the pin. Heels got heat on Savio until Shane and Slash made the save. Rey gave the baseball bat to Shane to use on Savio. Shane, who's been teasing as to whether he's going to side with Savio or La Familia, thought about it. But before he did anything, Apolo made the save. Apolo and Shane then argued. Rey then reminded Shane of all the things Savio did against him in the past. Earlier in the show, Thunder & Lightning beat Slash Venom & Chicano in a match where, due to a pre-match stip, Slash has to leave IWA. Slash did the job after Rey interfered. If Thunder or Lightning had been pinned, he would have had to unmask.

IWA Puerto Rico TV is off in New York City, as Time Warner Cable ditched LTV this week for Azteca America.

Chicano and Slash Venom (Flash Flanagan) will be working the 9/11 Ring of Honor show in Elizabeth, NJ, teaming to wrestle B.J. Whitmer & Danny Maff. Those teams wrestled each other in IWA when they had their "Ring of Honor invasion" a couple weeks back.

WWC still consistently wins the ratings, and the last two weeks were testament to that. On the weekend of 7/31-8/1, WWC beat IWA, 10.8 to 8.6, on Saturday, and then scored an 11.0 for the Sunday show, compared to IWA's 7.4. Then last weekend, WWC had a 10.4 on Saturday vs. a 9.3 for IWA. And on Sunday, they had a 12.1, while IWA managed a good 10.2. The ratings for both WWC shows last weekend peaked in the final half-hour, where they pushed the Colon family feud, the Bronco-Castillo angle, the Chicky Starr-Diabolico feud, and the Starr Corporation relaunch. WWC is crossing their fingers and hoping that this translates into box office success for Aniversario.

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