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By Jess McGrath on 2004-06-20 16:36:00

Mick Foley will be appearing as the commissioner at the next Big Time Wrestling (Kirk White) show in Newark, CA on 7/30. Down South Championship Wrestling announced they will be bringing in Foley in August for a show in Jonesboro, AR. Almost ten years ago, Foley spent a short period of time in Jonesboro working for Bert Prentice's Ozark Mountain Wrestling.

Professional Championship Wrestling is billing Great Kazushi (Kazushi Miyamoto) as the son of the Great Muta and grandson of the Great Kabuki.

The proposed legislation to reform regulation of professional wrestling in New York state has passed both the State Assembly and State Senate and is now before Gov. George Pataki for signature. The bill calls for dividing wrestling shows into "major" and "minor" events based on seating capacity of the venue in which the event is being held. Minor events would require a lower surety bond than currently, and would be subject to fewer requirements than a major event.

Road Warrior Animal worked for Rodney Grimes' CWA in Selmer, TN on 6/12. He teamed with Timothy Grind to beat Shock and Jamie Dundee. That's the first I've seen of Dundee's name in a while. Animal pinned Dundee for the win. Also working the show were Derrick King, Alan Steel, Dustin Starr, and Norvell Jackson. Crowd was around 100.

A.J. Styles and David Young worked the Down South Championship Wrestling show in Bolivar, TN on 6/12. Styles lost to heavyweight champion Austin Lane by DQ. This means it's Lane vs. Elix Skipper at the 6/26 show in Tupelo, MS. Young beat Danny B. Good by countout. Tupelo has Kevin Nash & John Saxon vs. The Family of Pain (Sgt. O'Reilly & Mickey Ray).

Northwest wrestler Lewis Rach ruptured three vertebrae in a match at a lucha show in Woodburn, OR a couple weeks back. The match vs. Canadian Cougar (Tony Kozina) was Rach's first in a long time. About two minutes into the bout, he complained that his arm was numb. Shortly after that, he said he couldn't feel his right side. All of this may have been from the way he took a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on his head rather than rolling. Rach had showed up at the show with Roddy Piper. The event only drew about 80 people.

Samu won the NWL title from Leslie Leatherman in a chain match at the promotion's 6/19 show in Martinsburg, WV. Johnny Valiant managed Leatherman. After the bout, Samu vacated the strap since he wouldn't be able to make next week's Newville, PA show. Valiant also managed Scott Vaughn and Kevin Featherstone in a tag match vs. Prof. Egon Ecton & Pirate of the Caribbean.

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