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By Mike Johnson on 2007-08-27 23:40:03

Ring of Honor's Gabe Sapolsky issued the following announcement tonight on on the condition of Bryan Danielson, who was injured this weekend while wrestling Takeshi Morishima:

Bryan saw an eye specialist today and it was found that he had a detached retina. He had laser surgery today where they re-attached the retina and tightened the muscles surrounding the eye. The reason his eye couldn't come down after the match was because the muscle was loosened. It's an outpatient surgery, so he was released today after having surgery this morning. The surgery went well, and there's a 90% he will regain vision, although it may be blurred.

It is recommended he take 4-6 weeks off. He will have a check up next week and the week after to check on his progress. I promise you all that we will not rush Bryan back. Bryan is maybe the toughest individual I've ever known and that covers a lot of ground. No one saw the locker room scene after almost all of his matches after the shoulder injury and how much pain he was in and how he was able to gut it out at his own insistence. This isn't a guy that takes pain killers or anything even close. He is also a guy that knows his limits. He is just incredibly tough.

As soon as I get updates from him I will post them here.

Going back to Saturday, I started watching the Bryan vs. Morishima match in the locker room with the rest of the crew. The entire locker room was cringing at Bryan's kicks and Morishima's strikes. I found myself just rising and working my way to the curtain so I could watch it in person in the middle of the crowd. I got so lost in the match I couldn't tell you how long it was or at what point I made my way through the curtain to watch the match unobstructed on the ramp. Simply put, it was one of the greatest matches I've ever seen. The great fans of New York really brought it to the next level as the crowd reactions were among the most intense in ROH history. I was elated after the match because after all this is what I enjoy. That elation soon turned to panic and dismay when Paul Turner passed me on the ramp and said "he can't see out of his eye."

Everyone was in a great mood backstage and that quickly changed when Bryan sat down and word began to spread. The entire crew came over to see how Bryan was doing, who of course was taking it like a champ and saying it was no big deal. His eye was telling a different story. As the doctor was looking at it, his eye was rolled back into his head and it stayed that way. Bryan couldn't control it. It was really hard to look at. I can't even imagine how Bryan got through this.