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By Jess McGrath on 2004-02-03 21:34:00

Bam Bam Bigelow worked a rare indy date in Mt. Holly, NJ on 1/31 for WWSA Over the Top. Bigelow & Doink beat Mana & Church. Danny Doring was crowned first heavyweight champion beating Patch. Others on the show were Ruckus, Big Slam, and Supreme Lee Great.

An indy show in Ennis, TX on 2/7 will have Killer Tim Brooks and Gary Hart in opposite corners as managers. Hart's son Chad Hart is wrestling Clayton Brooks, who I presume is the son of Killer Tim. Also on the show will be Team Extreme (Kit Carson & Khris Germany), Bullman Downs, and old Global Wrestling Federation regular Steven Dane.

The Brew City Wrestling show in Waukesha, WI on 1/30 had Dysfunction, Steve Stone, Frankie DeFalco, Farmer Vic, XXXplicit Content, Angel Armoni, and Skull Krusher, among others.

CWF Mid-Atlantic and Alternative Championship Wrestling in North Carolina are merging. The combined promotion will operate under the former name. They're also starting on TV on Time Warner Cable 69 (in the Piedmont region) in a Saturdays at 11:30 PM time slot starting 3/6. At the 1/31 show in Seagrove, NC they had title unification matches. CWF Mid-Atlantic champion Ric Converse won a three way over Corey Edsel and ACW champ Quinson Valentino to merge the singles titles. They had a tag team tournament where the ACW champs (Brad Attitude & Brad Rainz) and CWF champs Mikael Yahama & Gemini Kid advanced to the finals, where the Brads won to unify the tag straps. Jimmy Valiant was in the tournament. He teamed with Rob McBride against Tim Blaze & L.A. Wild One in a first round match that ended in a no contest. Also on the show was a Doink.


Scott Dickinson has moved to Southern California and is looking for referee work. Anyone interested in booking him can drop him a line at

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