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By Jess McGrath on 2004-04-03 12:00:00

Honky Tonk Man vs. Simon Diamond was the top match on Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling's 3/27 event in Clifton, NJ. HTM won what I'm fairly certain was the first match ever between those two. Damian Adams retained the SSCW title over Rob Eckos. Because K.C. Blade of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is out with an injury, his partner E.C. Negro was made ref for a tag title match where The Solution defended vs. the Shaolin Wrecking Crew. It ended up in a double DQ, after which a three way for the titles was announced for 5/15. Others on the show were Josh Daniels, Jay Lethal, J-Busta, Mike Tobin, and Steve Corino/World-1 Dojo trainees Ricky Landell and Alex Law.

Vito & Sal Thomaselli and Apollo Khan will work Xplosion matches in Nashville on 4/28.

Dale Gagne's AWA put on a free show at the Pinal County Fair in Casa Grande, AZ on 3/26. About 400 people watched the matches. They brought in Evan Karagias and Hacksaw Duggan. Duggan went over on Jonnie Stewart. Karagias worked twice. He retained the AWA title in a Royal Rumble match, and he also teamed with Navajo Warrior in a tag title match. Tag champs going into this show were Native Blood (Warrior & Ghostwalker), but they have split, and Ghostwalker is now working as a heel under the name G.Q. Gallo. Gagne ordered Warrior to defend in a handicap against Models Inc. (Gallo & Chad Wicks). Karagias came out during the match to team with Warrior. Gallo pinned Warrior for the title change after Gagne KO'd Warrior with one of the belts.

Doug Flex promoted a show under the International Pro Wrestling banner in Summit Hill, PA on 3/19. Jerry Lawler beat Al Snow in the main event. Tom Brandi, with Flex in his corner as his bodyguard, retained the heavyweight title over Hungarian Barbarian after Julio Dinero KO'd Barbarian with a chair. Dinero beat Patriot (Brandi) earlier. Sonjay Dutt and Ruckus continued their CZW series here, with Dutt winning to become number one contender for the cruiserweight title, currently held by Mike Quackenbush.

Drew Lazario ran a Far North Wrestling show in Latrobe, PA on 3/26. Larry Zbyszko was brought in. He beat Dean Jablonski (HWA). Other matches of note included: the main event, where T. Rantula (the original FNW promoter) beat Dirk Ciglar in a tables match; Mike Quackenbush winning a four-way over Jimmy Vegas, Dennis Gregory, and Kevin Grace for the freeweight title; and a six-man Chikara match with Quackenbush.

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling drew around 125 to their 3/27 show in Knoxville. Terry Landel announced he was bowing out of his manager's role due to health issues. A new guy named Breeze was introduced; he will now manage Lance Erikson. Erikson regained the TMW title from Dirty White Boy in the main event. Both guys worked hard and had probably their best match in their series. White Boy had Erikson beat after the Bucksnort blaster, but Breeze had drawn the ref. Breeze tossed knucks to Erikson. He KO'd DWB with them for the pin. Erikson worked over White Boy afterward until Jack Miller made the save. Erikson vs. Miller for the title is scheduled for the TV taping in Lenoir City, TN on 4/3. Miller beat Memphis Mafia #1 by DQ when #2 interfered. DWB made the save, after which he and Miller had a staredown. They are building to a split with tag team champions Sammy V & Ric Cannon. Looks like Cannon will be going heel in that one. He got mad a couple times when Sammy didn't make the tag in their match. Then, Cannon hit a bulldog, but Sammy made the cover for the pin. It was announced that the promotion will be moving into a 300-400 seat building in the Old City section of Knoxville; no date was announced for the move though, as apparently there is going to need to be some work done on the place first.

Bobby Eaton worked twice for NAWA in Georgia on 3/27. The promotion ran both Dallas and Rome that day, and in both towns it was Eaton & Rick Michaels over Pomp & Circumstance. Eaton busted out the Alabama jam for Rome. He returns for NAWA on 4/16 in Canton and 4/17 in Rome. Ken Wayne is also booked for those shows.

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